Darlington Estate Winery Wedding

Darlington Estate Winery Wedding

Katrina and Mikey

Katrina and Mikey planned a Darlington Estate Winery Wedding during the month of August.

Darlington Estate Winery Is located in the Perth Hills just 30 mins from Perth. Its rustic picturesque charm makes it popular with lovers wedding planning.

It is perfect for your wedding in any season.

August being a Winter Month in Perth means couples could see sunshine or rain on their wedding day. Just like Katrina and Mikey. Don’t let the thought of rain on your wedding day dampen planning a wintery wedding vibe.

Rain and overcast adds a sense of mystical magic and moodiness to your wedding day photography.

How I came to be Katrina and Mikey’s Darlington Estate Winery Wedding Photographer.

Helen, Katrina’s mum, called it Kismet.

In December 2021 I was photographing a wedding in Busselton for Kaitlin and Bradley.

Katrina’s Mum and Dad, Helen and Stephen, were the DJs at the wedding.

Both of us had travelled from Perth and had never met before.

The weeks before Katrina had reached out to me to tee a meeting up to chat about photographing her wedding. Unknown to her mum and dad.

While at the wedding, Helen and Stephen were watching me do my thing. Unknown to me. Helen took the time to message Katrina telling her she had to check this photographer out from the wedding she was at. When they realised Katrina was already chatting wedding photography with me. Kismet!

Katrina’s Dad, Stephen, also has a keen eye for photography. As does groom Mikey!

Being the one to photograph Katrina and Mikey’s Darlington Estate Wedding and how it all came about really touched my heart. Knowing you love what I do and choose me out of all the photographers in the world is a great honour. 

Katrina and Mikey’s Darlington Estate Winery Wedding Day

Katrina’s Preparations

Arriving at Katrina’s wedding day preparations I found her in the makeup chair having finishing touches to her makeup applied by Tara from Black Lash Makeup.

I set about capturing the little details until our bride was ready to frock up in her wedding gown by LUV Bridal.

You will notice a pair of blue suede shoes for the something blue. This makes you think of the Elvis song. Also appropriate for this music loving family.

Sentimental pieces from grandparents and loved ones passed down the generations also adds to the sentiment of Katrina’s preparations.

Notice a little outfit for the couple’s son, who was too tired to even eat a banana.

Katrina dresses and the weather breaks just in time to pop outside for a few photographs with loved ones.

How beautiful are the blooms by Our Flower Studio! That gorgeous King Protea! 

Darlington Estate Winery Wedding Ceremony

Pre wedding ceremony

Arriving at Darlington Estate Groom Mikey is looking might sharp in his earthy toned suit. Custom Made by Lavish Bags on Etsy!

There was time to capture moments with parents of the Groom, Chris and Dave.

Dave got a last-minute call up as Best man for the day. Filling the shoes of his son, Mikey’s brother, Steve who was stuck overseas for work reasons. He was greatly missed.

Tina Buri is the perfect celebrant for these lovers who like a joke and a laugh.

What’s life without love and laughter right?

The ceremony space is styled by Lynda from Affair with Flair, as well the wedding reception space.

The Bride Arrives

Our bride arrives to some light drizzle, umbrellas all round and still smiling.

If you go with what will be will be you wont sweat the small stuff and you will enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Groom Mikey has a quick chat with loved ones watching from afar.

And this is the moment Stephen has been waiting for. With his daughter on his arm the walk begins. Katrina can be seen to get emotional while Stephen looks over at his daughter.

With Mikey standing proud with their son in his arms he welcomes his bride and soon to be father-in-law.

Let the ceremony begin.

The wedding photographs really do capture the love these two have for each other. The looks, the smiles, the gentle touches of support and the moment Tina Buri flipped the Rick Rolling habit Groom Mikey, has on him. Watch for the laughter. What a wonderful moment so true to this couple. Unsure what Rick Rolling is – google it later on. 

Tina Buri always delivers wonderful, personalised ceremonies. Her wonderful happy aura is precious. Meet her and you will feel it too.

With these lovers wed, the legal’s signed, a groom checking his wedding ring out, Yes Mikey you really are married to the love of your life. These lovers walk the aisle with their most precious symbol of their love, their little son. 

Family Photographs at Darlington Estate Winery

The newlyweds opt to go straight into a group photos and family photos after the ceremony.

Winter weddings mean the sun sets much earlier and we lose light very quickly. Photography is all about the light and of course the moments!

We have many laughs trying to organise everyone during this time. It’s precious too. Moments with loved ones captured forever. Generations to come will be looking at these images.

Wedding Party Photography at Darlington Estate Winery.

If you have a vision for your wedding day photo session, I am all up for it. I am up for photographing you in locations that suit you. If you are adventurous like these two (so many of my couples are, they love bush walking, exploring, camping, being in nature and having a laugh) I am too and am all up for adventure.

Looking at Katrina and Mikey’s wedding pics will show you the fun and laughter we had, or they had . They got rained on and the sun came out briefly, twice. They enjoyed every second of it.

Darlington Estate Winery Wedding Reception.

Katrina and Mikey booked Gavin from Groovy Entertainment for their Wedding DJ and Wedding MC. Gavin had some big shoes to fill, with music being Stephen and Helen’s Passion. The Dance floor later in the evening will show Gavin’s success. If you are looking for one of the most experienced Perth Wedding DJ’s have a look at Gavin’s website. Groovy Entertainment provides personalised professionalism, you deal with Gavin from start to finish and he is the one who will be there on the night with you. Gavin keeps your vendors informed on the night as to when your events of the evening will occur. For a wedding photographer this is greatly appreciated so we are ready with lighting to capture everything.

Queue the Entry of our newlyweds.

The look of happiness is plastered on everyone’s face on entry.

Its time to fill everyone’s belly, listen to heartfelt and funny speeches, cut the wedding cake, and get the dance floor grooving.

Everyone danced and danced and danced.

It was a fantastic wedding celebration for Katrina and Mikey.

We stepped outside to capture some night-time love joined by the newlyweds’ parents. More laughter, more rain and more good luck for these lovers wedding day. 

Final Words

Hugest congratulations Katrina and Mikey once again. It was so lovely to watch you marry through my lens. Thanks for choosing me to capture all your wedding day photographs for your beautiful Darlington Estate Winery Wedding. Wishing you all a lifetime of love and happiness.

Love your wedding photographer Simone xx

Brides Dress – Luv Bridal
Suit – Lavish Bags
Makeup – Black Lash Makeup 
Ceremony / Wedding Styling  – Affair with Flair
Cake – Cake Date 
Brides Rings – Brilliant Earth 
Celebrant – Tina Buri
Bridesmaid Dresses –  JJ’s House
Hair – Urban Hair Lab- Jade Marsh (director)
Flowers – Our Flower Studio
Stationery – Sundae Designs
Grooms Ring – Berch Jewelry

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