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Chances are if you have landed here, you are getting married and are on the hunt for  wedding photography and videography in Perth, Western Australia.

You have landed in the right place.

Simone Harris Photography and Castle Media are two of Perth’s best wedding creatives and have come together to offer lovers marrying in WA, The Ultimate Package.

A wedding photography and videography package.

We would love to hear your story, get to know you and document one of the most memorable days in your lives.

But why choose us for your perth wedding photography and videography package?

Who are we?

How did we get here?

Why are we collaborating together?

If you are researching for the dream team for you wedding day you may have read or been advised to find a team who work well together. You may have heard “My photographer and videographer didn’t get along.” There are so many “stories” out there on the internet about photographers and videographers.

This is the “why” you should chose us for your wedding photography and videography.

We work seamlessly together. But that still does not really tell you why.

Dave’s line is, “no egos!”

What does no egos in wedding photography and videography mean as far as your wedding day memories go?

Not everyone has the same working values. The way people will operate to capture your moments varies.

For some of us it is about taking on an approach which ensures not only you but your loved ones too,  have a great experience.

This means we value the experience of your loved ones at your wedding.

A photographer is there, at your wedding, for the same reason a videographer is there.

To document your wedding day.

No one is more important than the other.

Giving the photographer space to capture an image and allowing a videographer space to film the moment is vital. When one or the other encroaches the personal space of a couple, often on a wedding day, is where conflict may arise between your “team”.

A videographer may not be able to get those key moments without the photographer in their view and a photographer may always see a gimbal in their frame or the edge of a video camera.

I have spent countless wedding days scrambling for a view point which doesn’t include the videographer chasing the bride down the aisle on a gimbal or blocking the grooms view of his bride as she is walking the aisle.  ( Not the case with Dave)

This brings me back to the first time I met Dave from Castle Media.

It was down south. Our lovers Natalie and Reece had hired us both for their Rustico Hay Shed Hill  Wedding. I admit, I stalked Dave. He had awards for his Videography. His reviews were amazing.

As a Photographer and Videographer arriving to a wedding with someone we haven’t worked with before leaves us feeling a little on edge wondering how we may have to dodge each other throughout the day.

Every wedding sees me say hello to your videographer and chat about their process.  As I always, I approach and say Hi to Dave, mention if he needs anything just to stop me and do what he needs. I really do mean this as I know his role of documenting your day is important too.

We start to document Natalie and Reece’s day and I notice Dave isn’t up in our couples personal space with a camera or a gimbal.  Dave wasn’t needing to stop and direct the couple. Natalie and Reece were just there in their moments. Getting ready.

Who is this videographer, is he real? I knew Dave was award-winning and I was starting to see why.

At the ceremony, as always I communicated with Dave about his needs when filming the ceremony. Working along side your videographer ensures they get what they need and I get what I need without being in each others frames. Sometimes this communications works where no ego is involved and sometimes videographers will tell me one thing and do another. Not Dave!

Wedding photographers need to understand each time we walk in front of a videographers camera set up on their tripod, it makes their editing harder. For this reason I will walk around them.

The ceremony starts and I noticed Dave is not on top of the couple, he is not chasing our bride up the aisle with a gimbal, he’s not blocking the groom or the couples parents, he’s walking around the edges of the ceremony when he needs to, much like me.

Dave doesn’t ever enter the space between the bride and the groom and their parents. Dave and I have since named this the sacred space. You don’t enter it.

Dave and I believe it is important not to  disrupt the experience of your parents and loved ones enjoying your wedding ceremony. We don’t want to block the view they have of your ring exchanges, of your faces as you say your wedding vows or any part of your wedding ceremony. Their experience on your wedding day is of utmost importance to us.

Natalie and Reece’s ceremony ends and I am pleasantly surprised that this award-winning videographer has the same morals and values when capturing a wedding ceremony.

There is no ego. 

We both know we are there to document your day.

There was not competing for space, for content or for your attention. We were simply documenting two people get married in our award-winning fashion.

I am sure Dave was expecting me to photograph the wedding on a 24mm or a 35mm placing me inches from our couple and walk in front of his tripods every 15 seconds making his editing a nightmare. I know he was probably in shock and relieved when this didn’t happen.

The equipment a photographer or videographer choses to photograph your wedding with alter the closeness they need to be to you on your wedding day and thus everyone’s experience.

A wedding isn’t about me, it isn’t about Dave.

It’s about you.

Castle Media and Simone Harris Photography pride ourselves about giving you the space to be yourselves, be in the moment and it’s our job to document that in a real unobtrusive authentic way.

We do not only lay claim to the word “unobtrusive”, we follow through with that promise. Unobtrusive to us is not a word we add to our websites and content to make you think we are unobtrusive. Our practice’s mean we follow procedures to ensure we are.

So here we are an award-winning wedding photographer and an award-winning videographer whose paths happened to cross because Natalie and Reece trusted us enough to choose us to document their wedding day.

That day has lead us to this collaboration. A genuine friendship and a professional working relationship.

So why choose us? 

Castle Media and Simone Harris Photography are all our reviews say we are.

We are the meaning of Unobtrusive.

Who are we?

An award-winning photographer and an award-winning videographer.

But no really, who are we?

Just two humans who believe in old fashioned service. Who work hard to make sure our couples and their loved ones have the best experience at every wedding we document.

How did we get here?

By working hard in our chosen areas of expertise. Photography and Videography.

A little bit of chance, being chosen by Natalie and Reece.

And a whole lot of respect and admiration for each other and each others craft.

Why are we collaborating together?

To give you, couples marrying in Perth and WA the best wedding experience whilst documenting one of best days of your life.

We are proof that Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers can work together harmoniously!

More about our  wedding photography and videography Perth package.

How to lock us in?

Head here to download a brochure today.

Reach out to enquire about date availability.

Meet us to chat about your day. 

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