Wedding Photography Perth UWA

Wedding Photography Perth UWA

Candice and James - 4th September 2021

Perth couple Candice and James opted for UWA for their wedding ceremony and wedding photography.

These lovers had seen a previous wedding I had the honour of photographing at UWA and fell in love with my style.

The style of wedding these lovers envisioned suited my style perfectly. An Elegant UWA wedding with the hugest home party wedding reception vibe.

Having a home wedding could be the perfect solution for couples who just can’t choose a wedding venue and want a hands-on approach to add their personality and style to.

Most lovers are living in their love nest way before their wedding day. The place their love has blossomed, and the place filled with warmth and memories. It’s a perfect reason for a home wedding reception. To add more extra special personal memories to the place your call home.

I loved hearing about the plans Candice and James had for their wedding day and was so happy to be the wedding photographer these lovers chose to capture all the memories on their wedding day. 

Bride Candice’s wedding preparations at The Ritz Carlton Perth

Arriving to Candice’s preparations as the doo swung open all I could see was “all this dress”. Layers and Layers of beautiful wedding dress. A perfect gown from Perth Bridal Store Hobnob. Behind all that dress sat Candice in the makeup chair. Happy, smiling and really calm.

Her loved ones were busy doing last minute things and as Candice was finishing her hair and makeup, I set about capturing all the details.

It was a mission to get the dress from the doorway to hang over the bed. Isn’t it splendid?

The ladies enjoy a cheers drink, start to dress and it’s time for Bride Candice to step into her stunning gown.

We never know what emotions will come to the surface over the course of the wedding day. For Bride Candice it was the moment her Veil was being placed in her hair. Over come with emotion her tribe comforted her and Candice dabbed away her happy emotional tears.

Wedding Photography Perth UWA Wedding Ceremony

The Sunken Gardens at UWA was the place these lovers had chosen to exchange wedding vows.

Jane Silich – Marriage Celebrant had the honours of legally hitching these lovers. This was by no coincidence. Jane had married two other couples in attendance at Candice and James’s wedding and these lovers knew from those weddings that Jane would be the one to legally wed them too.

As our bride arrive, and her tribe straightened her frock, her groom stood at the end of the aisle. The look of happiness on Groom James’s face as he saw his wife to be. Candice was walked part of the way on the arm of Ari and chose to make the rest of the walk towards her awaiting hubby to be as an independent woman. We love this choice brides make.

The couple chose short vows. Some couples just don’t do mush. It’s true. And it is totally ok! You need to reflect the real you. With vows and rings exchanged, a kiss to seal the deal these lovers chose their beautiful Grandmothers to sign their marriage certificate and all the legals. Their grans were happily surprised.

Our newlyweds walked back up the aisle and took time to be congratulated by their guests.

We captured a huge group photo and all the family formal photographs in the Sunken Gardens at UWA.

Wedding Photography Perth UWA Bridal Party Photographs

Candice and James had met with me the week of the wedding and we chatted about their favourite parts of UWA.

Sometimes UWA can be a little bit challenging due to the amount of wedding photographers with their brides, grooms and bridal parties opting for wedding photography there. Yes, you do need a permit. If you have a wedding ceremony on the grounds you may use the grounds for wedding photography.

During the wedding photography session, I discovered Candice fell in love with her gown for its dress swishing ability. And boy did she rock that frock. The smile on her face tells of the fun she was having in her wedding dress.

Moments of being completely covered by her dress, James trying not to step on her dress it was wonderful to see the comfort these lovers have together and the way they look at each other.

We dodged the other wedding parties and I amazed Bride Candice and Groom James of how I could hide a Wedding Party behind her Dress while they were in the columns. YES, there was another bridal party from another wedding having wedding photography up the other end.  This is why you should hire a professional wedding photographer. We really know our cameras, composition and how to hide unwanted things in your wedding photographs .

Wedding Reception at the Newlyweds home

It was time for our couple to head home to get the party started.

Their back yard was decked out with festoons and furniture. We couldn’t miss the best bar ever! James’s Ute filled with Ice and drinks. Bring your personality to your weddings! Look out for the super huge knife to cut the wedding cake, LOVE IT! And the King and Queen throne.

Set up in the couple’s front yard was a woodfire pizza oven. The smells coming from the caterers were amazing.

As the sunset we crossed the road into the forest and captures some sunset vibes for these lovers. The Champagne sprayed, Candice rocked her frock again and it was time to head back for speeches and the cake cut. 

Final words from Candice and James Perth Wedding Photographer

Hugest congratulations lovers.

Thank you so much for loving what I do, to have me as your wedding photographer.

Watching your tears, smiles, laughter, and happiness was a great honour. Our chats and conversations will stay with me.

James, my son now wants your hairstyle. He is in the process of growing the back, he’s too young for a beard though LOL 

Thanks lovers for being nothing but the real you! Xxx love your Wedding Photographer in Perth – Simone 

Brides Dress – Hobnob
Ceremony Location – UWA
Celebrant –  Jane Silich
Wedding reception location – The Newlyweds Home

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