Aqua Resort Busselton Wedding

Aqua Resort Busselton Wedding

Kaitlin and Bradley

An Aqua Resort Busselton Wedding is the perfect location for couples planning a by the sea wedding day with family and friends.  

Aqua Resort Busselton ticked all the boxes for Kaitlin and Bradleys wedding day.

The stunning accommodation over looks the perfect lawned area surrounded by tall trees for shade and the ocean as the backdrop. A quick stroll and you are on the beach.

How did I come to be Kaitlin and Bradleys down south, Aqua Resort Busselton Wedding Photographer?

Firstly, it was via referral from another wonder wedding photographer Trish Woodford Photography who knew Sandra, Mother of the Groom.

I remember the day Kaitlin and her mum and dad, Angie and David and Bradley and his mum Sandra, all came to my showroom to chat wedding plans.  Having all these important people in my showroom was beautiful. Hearing how excited everyone was for this wedding day to come around. Its not often your parents attend your meetings but when they do not only do I build the relationship with you, but I also build relationships with your parents who are also highly photographed on your day. It means they trust me too  So yes, if you want your parents in your meetings, please bring them!

Not only was this wedding day to be beautiful with family and friends travelling from all over WA it was on my birthday and groomsman Clints too! 

The day before The Wedding Day

Generally, if you are planning a destination down south wedding, I will organise to meet you at your location the day before if time allows.

Hence, I organised to meet Kaitlin and Bradley at Aqua Resort Busselton the day before the wedding.

This allowed for these lovers to walk me through their vision of where it would all unfold.

Planning your wedding day to hold all the key elements to unfold in the one location means less stress, more time and undoubtedly a beautiful, chilled wedding day. Secondly, the celebrations will have started well and truly before the wedding day and will continue after your wedding day.

Exactly what these lovers had planned. 

The Wedding Day


Having both of your preparations in the one location side by side, with guests staying on the property too makes for such a happy joy filled wedding day.

As your wedding photographer it means I can be everywhere at once.

Going between the lads and the ladies was a breeze.

All the details captured. Kaitlin wore a stunning KAREN WILLIS HOLMES gown and her blooms by Sorella Flower Merchant were divine.

Not only do I capture the details you have spent months and maybe even the last couple of years planning, but it’s also the moments.

Moments where Angie helps dress her daughter.

The moment Father of the bride, David sees his daughter for the first time. And brother of the bride too.  And Angie was captured wiping tears of happiness from her eyes at this moment.  

The Ceremony

Summer down south weddings are expected to be warm and sunny. December 11th 2021 saw mother nature deliver a still day with light drizzle. Light drizzle was not a bad thing as a fire in Leeuwin – Naturalist national park had burned through 5,200 hectares.

The light rain eased the smoke, and the cloud cover gave the ceremony location lighting perfection.

The stunning ceremony location on the lawns of Aqua Resort Busselton is perfect for your wedding ceremony. With the trees as your backdrop it really is stunning and its large enough to accommodate a large number of guests.

Andrea Edwards Celebrant was the couples chosen celebrant. With guests gathering and Bradley awaiting his soon to be wife, Andrea went off to meet Kaitlin and her tribe to see if she was ready to walk the aisle.

Simultaneously the bridesmaids and the bride and her dad walk the aisle and the ceremony is underway.

Take note of all the guests. Looking back at the ceremony photographs its clear to see how much Bradley and Kaitlin are loved.

With vows exchanged the moments of fist bumping with the little ring bearer as he passed the rings to best man Glen, was an epic moment to capture.

Rings and first kiss exchanged; it was time to sign. I loved this moment as David came round with his iPad with loved ones watching from afar, as the newlywed’s wave and give the thumbs up.

It really was a conclusion to a lovely wedding ceremony by Andrea. 

Post Ceremony

We used the balcony at Aqua Resort Busselton to capture a group photo with all the guests. How good its it!

That Balcony is also the stage for DJ Stephen Lane to entertain the guests!  

Off topic

Little did I know Stephen and his wife Helen’s daughter Katrina had her eye on me to be her wedding photographer.

Katrina may have sent an enquiry to me prior to her mum and dad watching me work at Kaitlin and Bradleys wedding. Stephen and Helen reached out to their daughter and told her about me. Not knowing Katrina had contacted me to meet!

For me it was a bit of a thrill how it all played out. I think Katrina may have had a bit of an oh my gosh moment too.

What are the chances that both myself and her parents would travel to the South West and be at the same wedding? Needless to Say, I am super excited to be the one to capture DJ Stephen Lane and Helen’s daughters wedding in August.  

Back to Kaitlin and Bradleys wedding day

Family Photographs

Since so many of Kaitlin and Bradleys loved ones travelled from near and far, we took the time to get through many Family photographs.

This is the one time where everyone you love comes together to celebrate your love and marriage and I do love photographing your families.

I love the moments with your grandparents and your mums and dads and siblings and everyone in between.

Theses moments will be cherished in the years to come. You will be glad you took the time to cuddle your grandparents and everyone who means so much to you. 

Wedding Party Photographs

The surrounds of Aqua Resort Busselton are perfect for your wedding photography. There really isn’t a need to venture off. This means more time enjoying the celebrations.

I started to photograph Kaitlin and her beautiful tribe while Bradley and his lads took some time out to have a drink in the memory of Bradleys Dad, Garry. Look for the photos. Garry was spoken about all throughout the day. His memory and presence were very much felt.

We headed out to the beach for some quick snaps with the smokey beach sky.

Just as we finished the sky sprinkled as we celebrated with a champagne pop and spray.

It was time for this wedding party to head inside and get ready for their grand entry to get the wedding reception aka party started. 

Wedding reception

What an entrance everyone made. The ladies and the lads danced their way in to get the celebrations started. Great memories captured.

Love the time they all took to really get the party started with shot glasses.

In the corner of my eye I caught fire in the sky, after Kaitlin and Brad cut their cake I pointed to the sky and asked them if they wanted to head to the beach for a few minutes to grab a few pics. When these lovers saw what I saw it was a huge yes! How great is that colour that burst through the clouds and the smokey sky.

Upon heading back to the reception DJ Stephen Lane already had a full dance floor. Check him out on the balcony. The perfect stage for your DJ.

It was time for some amazing sentimental speeches and lets not forget the funny moments too full of laughter.

Before it was time for the Bride and Grooms speech the bride may have disappeared. Returning in the most gorgeous sequin sparkly dress to really set the party vibe. Check out her amazing dress swap.

With the first dance danced, the dancefloor was going off spilling out to the lawn in a sea of DJ lights and colour. It was a wonderful sight from the balcony of the DJ booth.

We took these newlyweds into the darkness of the night to capture Kaitlin’s amazing dress swap at the location that was Aqua Resort Busselton for their amazing wedding day.

Hugest thanks Kaitlin and Bradley for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. It is a day I will remember every year that I celebrate my birthday and you your wedding anniversary. Meeting your families and friends and seeing how many travelled to celebrate your day showed what beautiful and highly regarded people you both are as well as your families. 

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Love your wedding photographer Simone  

Suits – Politix and Blaq
Makeup – Bonnie Louise Styling
Celebrant – Andrea Edwards Celebrant
DJ/MC –  Stephen Lane
Bridesmaid Dresses – Shona Joy
Hair – J&Co Hair Studio
Cake – Linda Elliott – @cake_sbylinda

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