Stunning Perth Wedding

Stunning Perth Wedding

Alba & Matt

Couples wedding planning for a stunning Perth wedding need to glimpse at this private property wedding.

These young lovers opted for a wedding right at the very location they first locked eyes on each other. The bride’s Aunts Avocado Orchard in the Perth Hills.

This stunning location is becoming known for weddings amongst the family. Bride Alba and Groom Matt being the second lovers in the family to Say “I Do” here. 

The lead up

My initial interaction with these young lovers went something like this

“My partner and I are getting married in a beautiful orchard, and we think your work is gorgeous! Crossing my fingers, you are free on our day!”

Hearing couples say the love my work is still very surreal. I think the same would be with all the wonderful wedding photographers in Perth, Knowing a couple have singled your wedding photography style out of the huge sea of wedding photographers wanting you to photograph their wedding day, is a real privilege. Getting to do what I do really is wonderful.

Meeting these lovers and hearing their wonderful story’s beginning  where they first met at a  Bon Fire at the bride’s aunt’s orchard, was unique and special. I love hearing the details of how you come to be sitting in front of me, wedding planning. These lovers also work together in their same chosen challenging profession. You two really are inspirational!

After hearing about their plans for a very chilled day with their nearest and dearest I was excited to be their “wedding photographer”. 

The Wedding Day

The Groom’s wedding day preparations

I arrived at Groom Matts family home in the Hills. It was like walking into my own family home, everyone made me feel so very welcome. Thanks everyone for being so lovely.

Matt’s Dad and Mum helped him with the finishing touches to his wedding day attire. I think they are super proud of Matt. Who am I kidding, they really are.

The lads enjoyed a beer, and a little handsome nephew almost stole the grooms limelight!

Matt was missing his Brother – locked away in ISO.

With all the moments photographed it was time to farewell our Groom for the time being and head off to find The Bride and her tribe. 

The Bride’s wedding day preparations

Bride Alba chose to have her wedding day preparations literally across the road from her aunt’s orchard and wedding location in a cute little Air BNB.

Alba and her tribe, 5 beautiful ladies were waiting for me.

Alba’s long time makeup artist Alexandra Monson was working her skills on bride Alba.

Alexandra may have gone above and beyond that day.

With Alba’s Dress from Luv Bridal hanging in the window I captured the moment and all the little details and those stunning blooms by Kisschasey Wedding Flowers Perth.

Alba and Her bridesmaids looked the part in their matching personalised wedding day PJ sets topped with a champagne pop. Many laughs were had outside before the lovely ladies ventured in to frock up and get ready for Alba’s big reveal.

Alexandra helped to position the ladies wearing emerald green frocks before they turned to see their Alba. Tears of happiness and squeals of delight were all around the room.

With a few bridal portraits captured it was time to get our bride to her ceremony to marry her Matt. 

The Ceremony

Along with the Avocado orchard is a much-loved stunning rose garden, this rose garden will be the backdrop for Alba and Matts wedding ceremony.

A proud Matts stands in front of the wedding arbour with tears in his eyes as Alba makes her way towards him.

The couple have chosen James from The Wedding Host as their Celebrant, MC and DJ.

With Vows and rings exchanged, the cutesy kiss moment and the legals signed, this Mr and Mrs walk back up the aisle hand in hand to a Rose petal fiesta. 

Post ceremony

Look out for the moment two missing faces appear via phone. The groom’s brother was in ISO with the most disliked word of the last couple of years beginning with C!

Post ceremony is the time for congratulations and Family Photos.

It was about this time Alba decided her shoes were better off than on and down I went to remove them for her.  What ever you need I am there to help!

Caravan and Tonic kept the couple and their guests refreshed while we took a stroll around the orchard to capture the newlyweds with their wedding party.

From the picture-perfect rose garden to the natural surrounds and the splendid Avocado Orchard the light was perfect for wedding photographs and the people in these images even more perfect!

Look out for the moment barefoot goddess Alba and her Matt are strolling along the gravel track! It’s these moments of you being you that are glorious!

Did you even get married if you didn’t champagne spray? These moments are super chilled, in the moment and highly memorable on your wedding day. You have fun with each other and your besties and it always brings laughter. Alba and Matt and their tribe embraced the moment and the photos are spectacular.

And I must mention that Blue Merc in the background. I’m naming it Alba and Matts wedding car. It is in fact, Alba’s grand dad’s car. This family have many a fond memory of outings with their grand dad in that car. I love that one day, if these newlyweds chose to have children, they will be able to tell stories about that blue car in the background. A bit of family magic.

Now to the spot with the horse and the sheep and a bonfire pile. More sentiment here. It was about here in this spot where their journey began. To be able to capture this moment for Alba and Matt knowing they will talk about how they met and their wedding day to generations to come is the reason I love what I do. It’s your story. 

The celebrations

With light fading fast its time to get these lovers and their tribe back to the guests to celebrate their love and marriage.

They stop off at the baravan, have a bite to eat and get straight into speeches to get through all their formal parts of the evening to open the dance floor and let the dancing begin. 

My Thoughts

It was a huge honour to hear your story and capture your wedding day. I know you have loved your experience when I meet more of your circle, it is out of this world mind blowing for me. Just 2 months post wedding I had the chance to meet one of Alba and Matts co-workers – Pete and his bride to be Ashlee. Pete and Ashlee had seen Alba and Matts wedding day Photos, Alba’s had kind words to say about me AND they have locked me in for their wedding day.

Alba and Matt – thank you both so much for choosing me. Thank you both for all that you do for the people of WA and will do in the future. Keep smiling and walking through life barefoot and grounded, together. It was a blessing to have met you both and your families! I cant wait to stalk you (in a non arresting but good way )  over the years via Instagram and see where life takes you. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness – love your wedding photographer Simone xx

Brides Dress – Luv Bridal
Baravan – Caravan and Tonic
Celebrant/MC/DJ –  The Wedding Host

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