Darlington Estate Wedding

Darlington Estate Wedding

Courtney and Rory

Bride Courtney and Groom Rory planned an Autumn Darlington Estate Wedding. It was one the couple and their guests will remember forever.

Not only for the beautiful picturesque setting, but for sitting on the edge of their seats the day before this couples wedding date. A recent Covid out break in Perth meant awaiting an announcement from WA’s Premier Mark McGowan and what this meant for this couples wedding day.

Everything aligned for this happy couple and their loved ones and wedding went full steam ahead.

It was full of love, laughter, a groom and his “false teeth” prank and the most wonderful announcement from the Groom during his speech. 

Grooms preparations

When a Groom isnt too keen on having his photo taken, we wonder what the day will bring.

Laughter, beers, teeth pranks, a groom running in and out of his wedding photos and just a load of fun.

The preparations were super chilled and I arrived to find most of the lad’s fully dressed! This has to be a first! I think they were keen to get dressed to get on with drinking home brew.

Look out for a cute furbaby in a bow tie a must have image for Bride Courtney and the groom and his 80’s series, his must have image for the day 

Brides preparations

Bride Courtney had her wedding day preparations just a few minutes from Darlington Estate Winery. Two Bridges Accomodation Darlington is perfect for bridal preparations. 

On arrival I found our bride in the makeup chair with makeup artist Brittany Jo taking a few pics of her wonderful makeup skills.

I photographed our brides stunning dress by Martina Liana Tuscany Bridal and her fine details of the day.

Some moments with the bride and her tribe sipping OJ and champagne ( or was it) was captured. (stay tuned)

Father of the Bride, Paul, presented his daughter with a wedding day joke which we snapped her reading.

With our bride dressed it was time to do the big reveal and let father of the bride see his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

Our bride, wearing her late mothers engagement ring, pins the boutonnière onto her dads suit and he helps tie a gorgeous photo charm in memory of Courtneys mum, onto the wedding bouquet, allowing Courtney to carry her memory with her all day.

With these beautiful memories captured and some portraits of our bride and her bridesmaids photographed its time to head to Darlington Estate Winery to await our brides arrival. 

Darlington Estate Wedding Ceremony

Guests arrived all masked up ready for Rory and Courtneys wedding ceremony.

Celebrant Delwyn from Lovebird Ceremonies conducted introductions and we met our bride at the top of the stairs at Darlington Estate.

One by one the bridesmaids made their entrance.

It was time for Courtney to make hers. With Rory being a joker, we know our jokers have the biggest hearts, we captured the glistening glaze in Rory’s eyes and it wasnt raining 

I will let the photos from these lovers ceremony speak for themselves, nothing but love, happiness and laughter.

With all the legals undertaken our bride and groom exited to the guests forming a guard of honour and bubbles everywhere.

Bridal Party Photos at Darlington Estate Winery

Our newlyweds are keen adventurers so off we went to a little hidden gem of a spot.

You never know whats out there until you go exploring.

With beautiful back light, a bush setting, some good old aussie bush chook, the odd teeth removal prank, a champagne spray , a few huge rocky patches, our bride and groom and their tribe captured some forever moments.  

Wedding Reception Darlington Estate Winery

The guests were seated. Queue the bridal party entrance. The giant rustic LOVE letters by Lit Letters added to the ambience of all the pretty Lights at Darlington Estate.

The couples stunning Cake by Emma Jane Cakes Design was too much temptation for Rory’s fingers and we love the look on his  wifes face when she sees her husbands antics. With the cake cut and some ending up on Rory’s face it was time to settle in to some love and laughter and huge news during the speeches.

Look out for the moment mother of the groom gives the bride a gift. The gift was an outfit Rory wore as a baby. 

As our groom finishes his speech he lets the guests in on a secret. These newlyweds are expecting a baby!

Hugest congratulations Courtney and Rory, on your marriage and baby news!

Wishing you all a life time of adventure, laughter and Rory’s teeth pranks

love your wedding photographer xx 

Brides Dress by Martina Liana – Tuscany Bridal
Grooms Suits – Penguins Formal Wear
Make up – Brittany Jo Make Up
Live Musician and DJ – James Wilson Entertainment
Love Letters – Lit Letters
Venue – Darlington Estate
Videography – Iciris
Bridesmaids Dresses – JJs House
Hair – Riviere Hair
Flowers and Styling – Lynda Affair with Flair

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