Rose and Crown Winter Wedding

Rose And Crown Winter Wedding

Shantelle & Benn - 31st July 2019

It was double wedding celebrations in a  Rose and Crown Winter Wedding  AND a Granville Civic Centre Celebration for Shantelle and Benn. These lovers are coming up to their second wedding anniversary! 

Where did that 2 years go?

What has happened in those 2 years for this couple and for Weddings?

As we take some down time over this winter in 2021, we are reflecting over our past lovers wedding days.

It had me thinking about the effect COVID has had on Weddings here in Perth as we head into life with all of the restrictions eased this Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

Long before COVID these lovers planned a wedding, well 2 special days to celebrate their love and marriage. Which is why I was thinking about COVID and wedding planning.

COVID has meant couples have had to downscale their wedding day. Couples have chosen small intimate ceremonies and intimate lunches and dinners and have then gone on to plan huge celebrations with larger numbers of loved ones.

This COVID way of doing weddings, was Shantelle and Benn’s way of weddings in 2019, way before COVID made it a “thing”. It means couples really get to enjoy their wedding day and be present together with their most loved and then really enjoy all the celebrations with their larger tribe of loved ones. Planning your wedding this way could really open up the possibilities. 

The Wedding Day

Shantelle and Benn chose to marry in front of their closest loved ones in a beautiful intimate ceremony at the Rose and Crown. Legally hitching these lovers was Anne Miller.

It was a perfect Wednesday wedding day fuelled by excitement as on Saturday these newlyweds would walk into their “engagement party” as husband and wife.

The Wednesday saw us meet Benn for his preparations with his sister as his best woman and one super cute fur baby. Benn’s most loved ones were at his preparations. I photographed all the as in happens moments. His smile was beaming knowing he was about to marry the love of his life, in a super exciting way!

Shantelle’s preparations was filled with love and laughter. Shantelle also chose to have her nearest and dearest with her at her preparations. As her mum, dad and sister helped her to dress, Shantelle was watched on by her gran. Memories like these will last a lifetime and it is why I love being a wedding photographer. It is these moments I am photographing as it happens, listening to the stories of family memories.Photographing the gifts some brides choose to give to their loved ones is an honour. Sentiment. You cannot beat sentiment. As you look over Shantelle’s photographs you will see her story. 

Rose and Crown Winter Wedding

Shantelle and Benn’s nearest and dearest travelled to the Rose and Crown to await the moment the bride walks down the aisle. As Shantelle arrives we photographed the moment her dad tries to put her veil in. Don’t you love the laughter?

The walk down the aisle is often met with unpredictable emotion.

These lovers find nothing but happiness and comfort in each other’s presence. Their smiles throughout their wedding ceremony presented by Anne Miller show the love and happiness they hold in their hearts becoming husband and wife.

So much love for the moment I photographed when Benn’s sister is wiping tears from her eyes as everyone was kissing and congratulating these newlyweds.

With Family photographs captured it was time to photograph this Bride and Groom on the grounds of The Rose and Crown Hotel in Guildford. Many laughs were shared between this Tribe of 4 and we love the happiness we documented.

After a quick few photos of the bride and groom entering their wedding celebrations at the rose and crown I hugged them good bye and couldn’t wait to catch up with them again on Saturday night. 

August 3rd, 2019 – The Granville Civic Centre

Shantelle and Benn had planned an “Engagement party | surprise we got hitched Celebration” for the Saturday after their official Wednesday Wedding Day.

I met the newlyweds in a nearby location and they looked exactly as they did on their wedding day, in their wedding attire. I photographed their gorgeous faces again. Shantelle and Benn were so excited to walk into their “Surprise Wedding Reception”.

Jimmy from Anytime DJ had the task of building the crowd for these lovers’ entry. It was amazing! With Games played and Speeches spoken we love the moment Benn’s sister presents the newlyweds a gift. A framed photo of “The Best Best man Ever”, the laughter is all over the newlyweds faces.

Shantelle and Benn, in front off the guests read out their wedding day vows, cut their wedding cake, Shantelle cuddled a joey, and everyone danced the night away.

Wedding Planning

I loved this walk down memory lane. I hope Shantelle and Benn have had the best two years and are looking forward to celebrating their 2nd year as husband and wife.


For lovers wedding planning who might be stuck between the idea of a small and intimate wedding day or a huge celebration with everyone, you can do both! There are no do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding planning. The possibilities are endless, and you can plan the day of your dreams.

If you are planning a Wedding Day like Shantelle and Benn’s we would love to photograph it for you.

Contact us Today! 

Celebrant –  Anne Miller
DJ/MC – Anytime DJ
Venue One  – Rose and Crown
Venue Two – Granville Civic Centre

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