Denmark Wedding WA

Denmark Wedding WA

Bec and Josh

Denmark Wedding WA | Chimes Spa Retreat


Loved up couple Bec and Josh planned a Denmark Wedding in WA at Chimes Spa Retreat.

It really was magical. Unique. And has one epic story for these lovers to share with future generations.


Here is a little about Bec and Josh’s wedding day and lead up to their wedding.

These lovers have known each other since school! They’ve been together since they were 17 and it only took Josh 15 years to pop the question at one of the couples favourite local beaches.

This Location was perfect for an engagement session! From the beach to the red dirt road and trees a short drive away. Have a look at some of the moments captured.

It gave Bec and Josh the chance to meet me before their wedding day as they live about 150kms from my showroom.

How did I come to be this couple’s wedding photographer?

It all starts here.

Kirby’s Catering.

The lovely owners of Kirby’s Catering had catered for Bec’s Best Friend’s wedding. In Albany.

When Bec and Josh Began wedding planning they knew who they wanted to cater their wedding. It just so happened while checking out Kirby’s Catering website – they stumbled upon my website. Years back I had met Jaqueline Kirby at another Denmark wedding. Her husband Frederick is an amazing chef. They own Kirby’s catering – Denmark WA.

From the Link on Kirby Caterers website – Bec reached out.

I love to meet my couples before their wedding day. Sometimes distance is an issue thus we arrange a call. It gives you the chance to make sure you feel comfortable enough to have me as your wedding photographer.

I loved the sound of Bec and Josh’s super chilled wedding day. So chilled their venue was under renovations and these lovers would be the first to marry here since the venue changed owners and the renovations were completed.  Chimes Spa Retreat has onsite accommodation as well as being surrounded by accommodation options it was perfect for Bec and Josh’s wedding guests who travelled from all over to attend this couple’s personal intimate wedding day.

Choosing the right people to be with you on your wedding day.

Bec had asked me about Perth Wedding Videographers. I was quick to refer her to Dave from Castle Media. I met Dave in February 2022 at Natalie and Reece’s down south wedding at Rustico Hay Shed Hill.

Dave was unobtrusive, friendly and his videos are unique and perfectly crafted. No “cookie cutter” videos in his repertoire of editing.

Bec and Josh liked his style too. They locked him in as their videographer.

Working with a great videographer makes photographing your weddings so much easier. For couples who value memories, who don’t want to be chased all day long with gimbals, who don’t want to feel like they are on camera and who want an outside of the box thinking videographer,  Dave is your videographer. You deal with Dave from start to finish and he is the one who is there with you on your wedding day.

The Day Before this Denmark WA Wedding

Bec and Josh had arranged to meet their celebrant, Jennifer McDonnell, on site for a wedding ceremony run through.

This was the perfect opportunity to for us to meet up again, along with Dave, to have a venue walk through and see where it would all take place.

Or so we thought. Keep reading.

Bec and Josh had planned a beautiful on the lawn ceremony with the stunning coastal backdrop for their wedding day ceremony.

The sun was shining at the rehearsal, and it really was picturesque.

We were all aware mother nature might drop a shower or two on the couples wedding day late in the afternoon. I’m not sure we ever anticipated what mother nature was really going to do.

There are a few different meanings behind rain on your wedding day – I love This Hindu belief

It is said you “tie the knot” on your wedding day. A knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie. Therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a day that rains, your marriage is hard to unravel.

No unravelling Bec and Josh’s knot that’s for certain thanks to mother nature.

What happens next?

The Wedding Day | Denmark Wedding WA

Arriving at Chimes Spa Retreat for Bec and Josh’s Wedding Day, it was calm, peaceful and oh so beautiful.

Our beautiful chilled Bec was in the hair and makeup chair surrounded by her loved ones and her fur babies.  Her hair full of curls.

Josh was busy doing the last-minute preparations but soon made his way to begin his preparations.

These lovers opted to keep it simple.

Their wedding day party consisted of their two hearts.

No Bridesmaids, no groomsmen.

They wanted all their important people to enjoy their day and not feel obliged to fall into roles and duties for the day.

Bec and Josh trusted Dave and I to do our thing and every moment was in the moment as it happened, unscripted. We had no  timeline plan. We went between our lovers’ rooms and we documented what was happening as it happened. It really was so lovely and peaceful.

The photos have such an element of calmness which really depicts the nature of these two lovers.

The couple had set their ceremony time for 3.30pm and that is all we were working towards.

And this is where Mother Nature takes over.

Ceremony time at Chimes Spa Retreat Denmark WA

3.30 on the dot. In come gail forced winds and rain.

In all my years I have never seen family and friends and venue staff come together so quickly to transform an indoor wedding reception setup to a beautiful ceremony space with such ease.

To all Bec and Josh’s loved ones – you were all amazing! How loved you all are.

As the storm sets in our beautiful Bec walks the aisle to her awaiting Josh. It’s emotional for Bec with tears in her eyes as her dad gives his blessing and she reaches for a tissue.

Holding the love of her life’s hands Bec’s emotions calm and her huge smile returns.

As the ceremony takes place the windows begin to fog as love and warmth fill the room.

The comfort you find when you are holding each other’s hands, saying your vows, exchanging rings and kisses and the subtle smiles as you sign your legals realising you have finally become husband and wife. Love!

Let the celebrations begin. Guests are passed confetti and our newlyweds are showered in joy, happiness, and confetti as they take their first walk as husband and wife. 

Planning Family Photos for a Denmark Wedding WA

With the rain pretty much set in for the day I have a hurdle to overcome.

The family photos. Family photos are important on your wedding day. Your loved ones have travelled from near and far.

I find a spot on the deck to keep Bec and Josh and their loved ones dry. I venture out into the open sky (it’s raining) with an umbrella held by the love of my life (he’s a keeper and he helps more than he knows on your wedding day) to capture Bec and Josh’s family photos.

Bec and Josh’s Wedding Photos

The light was fading fast. It gets  dark quickly on a relentless rainy day.

Dave and I discuss our options.

Dave comes up with an idea as the weather is looking calmer in the morning.

If our lovers were up for a morning after shoot, so would he. Of course, I was all in too. This would give them the locations they had dreamed of and included some pics of their fur babies.

Bec and Josh embrace every moment of their day and as much as Bec would have loved to stay warm and dry she says those words. She’s okay to get rained on.

We head out for some rainy-day wedding images and by gees are they magical.

There really is no unravelling Bec and Josh’s wedding day tying of the knot.

With Darkness upon us Bec and Josh took some time to chill in a room, hopefully dry out and warm up before entering their wedding reception.

Advise – from me, if it rains on your wedding day a hairdryer will dry your dress off and warm you up 

Wedding Reception

Our lovers enter their wedding reception with warm hearts and warm hands, a kiss and cuddle and then mingle with their loved ones.

Some amazing speeches by loved ones have everyone laughing. You can see the joy around the room.

Bec and Josh cut their wedding cake and yes, it is still raining outside, look at that window!  I love the warm glow from the candles and the rain drops on the window and the two happy faces in the images. 

Bec and Josh give a speech and then open the dance floor.

The love and happiness all around is just so beautiful to see.

This is where we leave our lovers with the promise to come back tomorrow to see if their heads can handle dressing in their wedding day threads again to make the most of the picture-perfect scenery In Denmark WA. 

The Morning after

Dave and I meet at Chimes Spa Retreat to find our Bec and Josh.

With so many loved ones at their wedding location they were meeting up for breakfast together.

Destination weddings really are great. It means the celebrations begin before your wedding day and continue after your wedding day.

With loved ones living all over the state and sometimes even the world planning a wedding this way gives everyone time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Dave and I spot Bec and Josh. They are keen to put on their wedding day threads and make the most of Denmark.

We took in the view (we could see it today even in the light drizzle – thanks again mother nature) while capturing the couples fur babies as well as the beautiful venue and then headed of to the Rocks.

On the drive there the rain stopped. It was windy but by gees did it create some beautiful floaty dress and veil moments.

Dave captured some wonderful video, and I could hear him calling my name and pointing in the distance. All I could see was the incoming rain.

Bec and Josh retreated safely to the car, and we got them back to their accommodation to enjoy the rest of “the day after their wedding.”

Final Words from a wedding photographer.

Bec and Josh – Thank you!

Although it wasn’t the weather you had hoped for, it was your wedding day. A day which saw you both adapt, accept and be totally present and loved up in every moment.

Bec, you asked me if that was the worst weather I had ever seen in my history as a wedding photographer. Yes! Yes it was. Coming close behind without the wind was Caitlin and Harley’s day. You can view their wedding day HERE.


both of your wedding days had the warmest hearts, the loveliest people and the most gorgeous newlyweds.

Bec and Josh thank you so much for trusting me. Thanks for choosing me and thank you so much for taking me on your wedding day adventure.

Your day will always be spoken of fondly around the campfire xxx


No matter what the weather does on a wedding day it’s our responsibility to you to do whatever it takes.

Credit to Dave –

I have finally met my match in that aspect being “doing whatever it takes” in Dave from Castle Media.

So, this is to Dave.

Dave thank you!

You make wedding photography a breeze. Your ability to work alongside me effortlessly removes every piece of stigma about wedding photographers and videographers not working together nicely.

I can’t believe it took us until Feb 2022 to cross paths in the wedding industry. I have no hesitation in referring you to couples marrying. Your fly on the wall unobtrusive way of videography is something a lot of creatives are yet to master and testament to the Awards you have won for your craft.

You take in all aspects of a couples day from their experience to the experience of their loved ones.

Working along side you is such a pleasure.

PS – Check out Bec and Josh’s wedding Video by Award Winning Videographer, Dave from Castle Media! Right Here!

What a stunning location for your Denmark Wedding WA. 

Video – Castle Media
Brides Shoes – Loeffler Randal
Grooms Shoes – R.M.Williams
Hair – Foxy Hair BoutiqueAlbany
Cake – @Town Cakery – Albany
Brides Dress – Dion For Brides
Grooms Custom Jacket – Hockerty
Celebrant – Jennifer McDonnell
DJ – Deep DJ Co
Wedding Bands – Gallery 18 Balingup

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