Family Photography Session Perth WA

Spring Family Session

I headed out nice and early this morning to meet this gorgeous family just after sunrise in Bicton to update their family photos.

I first met them 2 years ago when little Alexander was a newborn.

Look how much he has grown in 2 years!

His mum forewarned me, action shots would be required. Felicity was not wrong. Alexander loves adventure with his friend in tow, Charlie the Cheetah! Yes I love capturing these moments of your children with their sentimental objects or toys. This will become a story to tell in the future.

When we arrived at Bicton, Mother Nature decided to drench us with a shower, you can see rain in the walking along the beach images. We did retreat to the car to wait it out.

I also love it when I suggest areas that are sentimental to my families.

This use to be Craig’s stomping ground.

He has fond memories here and now he has some captured with Alexander, including Alexander’s taste test! Of his dad’s head. Yes Craig that moment is captured forever and Felicity found it hilarious! We went for a walk, we skipped rocks and sticks in the river, had running races ( or just tried to keep up with Alexander), built stick houses, swung from rope, saw a dolphin and made a sandcastle that turned into a birthday cake.

Yes it was early, yes it was chilly and yes we got a little wet however what  outweighed all of that was this family created memories when little Alexander headed out for an adventure at his dad’s old stomping ground.

It was great to see you all again! Thanks for letting me capture your family memories for the second time.

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