Filterless Wedding Photography

Filterless Wedding Photography

In the age of Instagram everything seems to have a filter. For me, it’s just a mask or disguise hiding what’s truly underneath. Beauty, colour, and truth.

In the years since returning to photography I can’t wrap my head around the number of filters and presets photographers add to their images. Not only does it change the colour of couples wedding photos, it changes your memories of the day.

Just because it’s not my style doesn’t mean it’s wrong and it doesn’t mean I haven’t seen images I love and  adore with filters.

There’s just a few reasons I won’t use them and these reasons are what attracts my clients to me.  My clients get the colour of their wedding day as it was. All those months picking the right shade of bridesmaid dresses, suits, florals – all those agonising choices. My style documents true colour of your big day for you. In 20 years’ time when you look back at your wedding the day you can recall it in all of it’s colourful glory.

Why I love the filterless style

I often hear from my clients “your work is so different to what we have been looking at”.

Let me tell you why.

I haven’t succumbed to the trend of adding filters to images to change the colour, sharpness or grain.

This fad and trend of adding filters to look like film does not make images look like film at all. I was shooting weddings back in the film day as well as printing and processing film and photographs. The images were never brown, muddy or grainy. They were colourful and sharp unless you were shooting browns and mud. The colour was true to the day.

I don’t want to hide the colours of your day behind some trendy filter that is on trend right now but won’t be 5 years from now. Then what? You are left with images that aren’t a true representation of your wedding day.

I also love my filterless style for the type of clients that it attracts. My clients are happy! They love life and living in the moment. They are all perfect! Filterless!

The real truth behind colour changes

There’s no redo of your wedding. You can’t undo the colour changes your photographer has made.

Those blue bridesmaid dresses are now a dark dark blue nothing like the colour of the day. Your husbands suit was grey but now you are looking at a green/or even pee yellow suit. Then there is your makeup. You didn’t spray tan on the day but all of a sudden you are looking more orange than Donald Trump thanks to that funky filter. Where are the greens in your bouquet you ask? As you are left holding a bunch of mint green leaves after the filter has completely desaturated and changed the greens.

There’s no coming back from the colour change.

Then there is the photographer whose style never seems to get exposure right and they hide it behind a filter layer of haze and softness. Not one image is sharp and crisp.

Don’t get me started on selective colouring! For me an image is colour or black and white. Therefore, black and white with hints of colour jump out and scream fake, another old trend of the 90’s. Just because Photoshop can do this doesn’t mean it should be done.  This was a trend when Photoshop came out along with the white hazy vignettes around images.

Adding a filter to your wedding images means those images  will always be a reminder as to the “photography trend” of that era.


You’ve fallen in love with a photographer’s style. Hire them!

Just be aware that you can’t undo those filters.  You can’t put the green back in the grass and trees or remove the orange tones from your skin.

You are marrying in summer because you love summer. Do you want summer colour reflected? Or a dark moody filter reflecting winter?

You are marrying in winter because you love winter. Do you want a pasty light washed out filter added to your day to make it look like summer?

Will it be the true colour of the day you want to remember or a fake filter?

It’s important for me as a photographer to buck the trend, stay true to my style and give my clients a true representation of all that colourful planning that took months or years to bring you to your wedding day.

Want those on trend filters, add them to my clean true images, after you have made a copy of the USB of course! For those couples whose photographers added the on trend filters they can never get the true colour of their wedding day back again. It’s gone. Lost to the fake world of filters.

Think about it. Are you #teamfilter or #teamnofilter?

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