Fraser’s Kings Park Wedding

Fraser's Kings Park Wedding

Ken & George ~ 1st October 2018

Kenneth & George made their love and relationship all Australian Official by marrying at Frasers Kings Park on October 1st 2018 in a ceremony officiated by Peta Dale.

What an honour it was to be their wedding photographer!

The story of how I came to be Ken & Georges wedding photographer starts here.

On June 27th I got an email, all the way from Shanghai!

I’m quoting the emails here

“Hi Simone, My name is Kenneth and I and my partner (George) same sex are preparing our wedding for October 1st 2018 at Kings Park. “

Now most wedding vendors are wary of overseas emails with couples planning weddings, as sometimes we receive scam emails.

Yep they happen!

This email was not worded like a scam email. No alarm bells rang in my head. Just excitement bells that Ken found me all the way from overseas.

Finally, after months of waiting, just days before the wedding I got to meet Ken!

We got chatting about his wedding, his love for George and how he found wedding planning from overseas. He did say a lot of Perth wedding vendors just never bothered to reply to his emails. Naughty naughty Perth vendors – you know who you are!

After the first email, I may have squealed with delight and replied “If you would like to have me as your wedding photographer I would most certainly love to capture your day!”

And then an email came back saying this “Yes if you are available to be the wedding photographer great.”

Ken and George I am surprised you didn’t hear me scream with excitement all the way over in Shanghai when you chose me!

And by gees I am so glad you did!

Family and loved ones travelled from near and far to witness this day.

To see Georges many happy faces, and the two of you so relaxed and happy in each other’s presence, surrounded by your loved ones was heartwarming. From the words spoken at the ceremony, to the rain falling right when Ken showed real emotion (yes that’s rain failing on the holding hands image), to Georges beaming smile, to the way you sat in each other’s presence at your wedding table it was evidently clear you have loved each other for well over a decade.

Finally – One word left for this blog, Feminem!

Ken and George, it was an honour to witness and capture your love united by marriage.

Hugest congratulations!

Kenneth’s suit – Grooms own
Flowers – Poppy’s
Cars – So Cal Limos
Vocals And Entertainment – Feminem
George’s suit – Grooms own
Celebrant – Peta Dale
Venue – Frasers Kings Park
Cake – The Glory Box
Grooms Ring –Bvlgari

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