Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding

Fremantle Wedding Little Creatures

Iva & Shaun - 7th May 2021

Bride Iva (Pronounced Ee- v- ah) and Groom Shaun planned a Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding.

Their wedding day was amazing!

It was full of love, laughter, and happiness. Behind their huge smiles is a story and a half about their journey to their wedding day.

And it contains one-word COVID.

As Perth enters another lockdown many couples are left postponing the wedding day of their dreams. Current restrictions mean weddings can currently go ahead with a maximum or 5 people.

3, yes three, you read it correctly it was 3rd date lucky for Iva and Shaun. With COVID affecting the first two wedding dates for Iva and Shaun it looked like the couple may have had to postponed again with COVID hitting Perth Again in May 2021. Fortunately for this couple weddings were permitted on May 7th, 2021, with a maximum of 100 guests and the wearing of face masks.

Lead up to the wedding day.

Iva and Shaun opted for a Wedding Photography/DJ MC package. I offer a package with highly skilled and Experienced Gavin from Groovy Entertainment.

Each time COVID affected these lovers plans, as gut wrenching as it was Bride to Be Iva and I went back and forth to Select dates her venue Little Creatures, myself and Groovy Entertainment were available. Each time we date transferred Iva and Shaun’s Booking over to this couple’s new wedding date.

Groovy Entertainment and I have been in the wedding industry for your 2 decades each. COVID has impacted the world and all non-essential services including the wedding industry.

We understand how devastated couples are each time they have to reschedule their wedding, yet there is light!

Iva and Shaun’s wedding day is testament to that.

No matter how many times the Government enforce wedding restrictions and lockdowns, we will work with you, if you choose to work with us, when choosing new dates.

You will have the wedding day of your dreams!

Iva and Shaun’s 3rd Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding date arrives

May 7th, 2021, was Iva and Shaun’s 3rd wedding date. When you look over their wedding photographs you can feel their happiness. You can feel the love and happiness of all their wedding guests.

Finally, Iva and Shaun became husband and wife. 

Grooms Preparations

Every time I have met with Groom Shaun, he is wearing the hugest smile. Sitting out the back of his parents’ house, I hear his groomsmen tell stories about the many good times over the years they spent in this back yard.

It is the sentiment at weddings that I love! I love hearing your stories and photographing what is utterly close to your heart.

For Groom Shaun it is his heritage, family and loved ones.

I could feel the love and admiration Shaun has for his grandfather as he holds his grandfather’s wedding ring and photograph. As hard as it is when loved ones are no longer present, we know you find comfort in the thoughts and memory of them on your wedding day.

It’s these moments that enforce why wedding photography is so important. I often tell couples “It’s the one day all of these loved ones are all together on your wedding day” once the day passes, we never know what life will bring and that makes each moment I photograph super important to me. Knowing that one day you will be looking at these photographs so fondly, just as Groom Shaun treasured the Photograph he held of his late Grandfather.

With moments captured, laughs had it was time to head to bride Iva. 

Brides Preparations

Just like Groom Shaun’s preparations, family is everything to Bride Iva.

Iva’s oldest brother has the honour of walking his sister down the aisle.

Your wedding day is a day to show your loved ones just how much you love them.

It’s often a day of gift giving, wise words, hugs, laughter, tradition, and happy tears.

With our Brides mum helping her daughter into her wedding gown it was time to capture some memories.

Iva’s mother keeps sentiment and tradition alive by gifting Iva a sentimental handkerchief to tie around her wedding bouquet and an envelope containing a silver coin for shoe.

Bride Iva arranged sentimental gifts for her mum and brother, check them out in the photographs.

You will notice our brides distinctive Tattoo. I think Iva is a modern-day wonder woman! Striking resemblance!

It was time for this wonder woman to marry the love of her life!


Little Creatures Fremantle Wedding Ceremony

The Deck at Little Creatures in Fremantle was the scene for these lovers wedding day ceremony.

Family and friends have gathered, Married by Amy – Amy Farley is the wonderful celebrant chosen to finally get Iva and Shaun hitched.

So Cal Limos chauffeurs our bride and her tribe safely, and in style, to her wedding destination, and the moment Iva has planned 3 times, is here.

With huge smiles these lovers set eyes on each other and in the next 30 minutes no matter what COVID does in the future, they are going to be husband and wife.

As bride Iva walks the Aisle, the mask wearing Guests look on. In years to come these images will be so powerful and hopefully COVID just a distant memory as these lovers tell tales of their wedding day during COVID 19.

At the end of The Deck Groom Shaun is ready to clear the hair from Bride Iva’s face and smile and watch on as her veil blows in the wind in true Fremantle Wedding style.

Love the veil blowing moments.

Amy Farley delivers a perfect ceremony and its time for groom Shaun to say that word – “Lawful”. There had been many a joke about that word and its pronunciation, jokes and anxiety about getting it right. Groom Shaun did you get it right? Nope! And I love it and so did everyone else, your screwed up faces in unison tell us all you are perfect for each other! In that once second you both react the same way! This is true love at its finest!

Rings are exchanged, kisses had, paperwork signed, smiles all around.

Introducing MR and MRS Anderson!

Our newlyweds walk up the aisle arm in arm, stop for that all important Group photo, the one moment you are all in the same place on this super important and sentimental day.


Bridal Party photographs in Fremantle

If you are planning a Fremantle wedding, you are bound to have favourite spots for your wedding photography.

I met these lovers in Fremantle a few days before their wedding to walk around town and have a look at the locations they love.

Fremantle’s West End is super popular for wedding photography. Lovers have their favourite buildings and locations and there are a few spots to shelter from the Fremantle Doctor.

Did you even get married in Fremantle if your veil is not blowing in the wind?

There were many moments of securing Iva’s veil, fits of laughter moments, veil attacking the groomsman moments.


The photos show the state of bliss these lovers were in, to finally be married!


The Wedding Reception at Little Creatures.


Mr and Mrs Anderson finally got that walk into their wedding reception, a moment they had longed for. The most important celebration they could have planned to date, to celebrate the start of their journey through life as a married couple!

It is a surreal moment for couples. I have seen it; heard it and you’ve told me that you find it hard to believe you are finally married after all the COVID hurdles.

Look over Iva and Shaun’s celebrations, feel the love, happiness, and atmosphere. Witness the smiles, arm raising, leg raising, glass raising, so happy to be cutting the wedding cake moments.

The moments DJ Gavin from Groovy Entertainment has all the wedding guests dancing up a storm on the dance floor.


I have felt the shift in weddings since COVID. The feels on weddings days are tenfold. The dancing the joy and the laughter. Everyone’s appreciation for celebrating and being together.

I wish Iva and Shaun the most happiest of lives together.


To Couples facing Postponement due to COVID,

Iva and Shaun’s wedding day is testament to all lovers facing the Challenges of wedding planning, postponements and COVID restrictions, when you get to walk the aisle and marry the love of your life and celebrate your union, its going to be amazing!

No one knows how you feel, better than all the couple’s lock downs have affected to date.

Just like Iva and Shaun you will get your wedding day!

And it will be the happiest day of your lives!


Hugest of hugs


Lover of love, marriage, weddings, photography and Perth and WA!  

Celebrant – Married By Amy
Wedding Photography – Simone Harris Photography
Cars –  So Cal
DJ/MC –  Groovy Entertainment

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