Moore & Moore Wedding Fremantle

Moore & Moore Fremantle Wedding

Anna & Chris - 14th May 2021

It was a Moore and Moore Wedding Fremantle for Bride Anna and Groom Chris, and it was perfect!

Simone Harris Photography is located just 10 Minutes from Fremantle, so I was super excited to be chosen as Anna and Chris’s wedding photographer. I have lived 10 mins from Fremantle all my life,  more than 4 decades 

Anna and Chris had a few date postponements due to, you guessed it, COVID. Covid really has affected couples wedding plans. I strongly believe that when couples get to walk the aisle post Covid there is so much more love and appreciation and happiness not only shown by the couple but also all their loved ones attending.

Let’s Chat about Anna and Chris’s amazing wedding day!

The Lead Up

If you are a reader of my Blogs, you would have heard me chat about how super chilled my couples are. They go with the flow and most have a what will be will be outlook meaning they don’t get caught up on the small things.

Anna and Chris were no exception! Throw COVID in, 3 date changes and a photographer advising them of the Sunset time a few days before their big day and what that mean for their wedding day photographs, these lovers took it all in their stride.

I want to touch on what winter or approaching winter weddings does to your sunset time.

Knowing your sunset time on your wedding day is Important.

The Sunsets early! What does this mean?

If your venue specifies the time you need for your ceremony, as many do, couples need to consider how much light is left after the ceremony for wedding photography. A 5pm ceremony start time does not allow for much light at all during a winter wedding. The sun can set any where between 5 and 5.30 during winter.

These lovers had planned for a summer wedding. Meaning much more sunlight post ceremony. Then COVID came along, and these lovers had to opt for a cooler month meaning less sunlight (or no sunlight in Anna and Chris’s case) Post ceremony.

Anna and Chris had no option but to have their wedding photographs taken before the ceremony. Chris was worried that this might take away from his big moment of seeing his beautiful bride walk towards him. I assured him it would not. 

The Wedding Day

Our Brides Preparations

Anna and Chris opted for a totally chilled Fremantle wedding. They chose to get ready at The National Hotel in Fremantle. This made it so easy to go between the couple’s rooms for their preparations, capturing both Anna and Chris’s preparations.

Arriving at Bride Anna’s room, it was quiet! All these beautiful ladies were just enjoying some chill time without all the mum duties they normally do daily. Sometimes mums just like the quiet or maybe they were a little bewildered that the day Anna had been planning was finally here.

I captured all the moments as they unfolded and must mention Anna’s Bouquet from Nicky at Sweet Floral. Insert love eyes here! I love Nicky’s work! Her bouquets are always amazing, and they withstand the test of time by looking fresh all day long!

The moment Anna knows her dad is standing behind her is one that will stay with me forever. Watching her face become overwhelmed and the tears flow as her dad sees her for the first time. Watching this father of the bride comfort his daughter, tell her how beautiful she looks and hold her shoulders like the tower of strength of a man that he is will forever resonate with me. The emotion in that moment is why I love being a wedding photographer. I know as time goes on that those photographs will gain sentiment and take Anna right back to that first time her dad saw her on her wedding day.

Our Grooms Preparations

Over in Groom Chris’s room the lads were busy getting dressed and dressing Anna and Chris’s son. Somewhere along the line the lads put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot and Groom Chris has a laugh while fixing his son’s shoes. We love the father son moments and know how much they will mean to Bride and Mum Anna. 

The First Look

A lack of sunlight post ceremony time meant I had to give Anna and Chris another option for capturing some bridal portraits. The only option was to set up a first look on the Roof Top of the National Hotel for these lovers to take a moment to see each other before walking High Street in Fremantle for their wedding photography.

You must see the look Anna’s dad gives Chris as he walks by. And the moment these lovers see each other for the first time. Chris was worried it would take away the special walk down the aisle, we assure you it did not and the photos to come are proof!

We all set off to walk down High Street and I hear Anna say, “this is so embarrassing”. Love it! This will be remembered fondly every time I walk with a bridal party through Fremantle. LOL. When you walk in a public space on your wedding day all eyes will be on you as well as many well wishes from strangers. Anna, you surived the stares and well wishes 

Fremantle’s Westend is known for its wind and chill and Fremantle, you turned that on in true Fremantle style.

With Some wedding snaps taken Bride Anna headed back to The National Hotel to warm up, freshen up to make her way to marry the love of her life at Moore and Moore Fremantle.

Moore and Moore Fremantle Wedding Ceremony

As the sun was setting Bride Anna was walking down the aisle towards her Husband to be. The first look earlier in the day in no way spoiled the moment Chris saw his Anna. With Chris’s teary eyes, the moment Chris and Anna had been waiting for, was here.

These lovers exchanged vows, rings and a kiss in the courtyard at Moore and Moore Fremantle in a beautiful wedding ceremony under the festoons.

I set about capturing Family Photographs, casual candids, all the speeches and the cake cut. When a couple has fun with their wedding cake it makes for happy cake cut moments. Who isn’t tempted to put their finger in the icing of their wedding cake? Cut it, taste it, live in the moment and cut your wedding cake your way.

It was time to get the dance floor cranking and party the night away.

Hugest Congratulations Anna & Chris. Thanks for allowing me to witness and photograph all of the moments of your Moore and Moore Fremantle Wedding Day.


Your Wedding Photographer Simone 

Brides Bouquet / Grooms Buttonhole –  Sweet Floral
Photography – Simone Harris Photography

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