Quarry Farm WA Wedding

Quarry Farm WA Wedding

Victoria and Sang - 3rd July 2021

It was a Quarry Farm WA Wedding for Bride Victoria and Groom Sang. Does their journey up the aisle have a story?

The wedding photographs from these newlyweds wedding day tells it all.

One filled with so much love and happiness and the ability to adapt to whatever life may throw their way! 

Lead up to the wedding day

These two lovers were originally set to marry in 2020, right at that Time COVID 19 hit Perth. Just like many other couples it meant a wedding postponement.

July 3rd 2021 was set to be their new wedding day. No one would have thought COVID would affect their wedding day twice! It did.

Just days before their wedding Perth Faced the battle again. COVID restrictions meant Victoria and Sang could get married with 20 people or face the reality of another postponement. Loved ones were stuck interstate unable to travel. These 2 resilient lovers made the hard decision to cut their guest list to 20 and forgo their wedding reception.

They both really wanted to be husband and wife.

With new plans these lovers were finally walking the aisle on July 3rd 2021. It may not have been what they envisioned but by gees did they make the most out of every moment. 

Victoria’s Preparations

Just a bride and her parents!

It was a bit surreal for me going in to see Victoria, I love this woman! I know how hard her journey has been to get to her wedding day and I know how much she loves Sang.

Houses and preparations are normally busy, noisy environments, yet Victoria’s was cosy, intimate, and so full of love.

Watching this Bride laugh with her mum as she dressed and being able to photograph that bond was so very special. I know Victoria had planned for her aunts to be present and I know both beautiful women would be missing them terribly.

These moments we captured at Victoria’s preparations will mean the world to her and her family.

Victoria’s mum is a fabulous cake maker and has made these lovers a wedding cake to share with their 20 guests.

On the way to the ceremony my brain was ticking as to how we could bring some normality and give Victoria and Sang some wedding day magic moments they would most likely have missed due to forgoing their wedding reception.

After learning about the Cake Victoria’s mum had made a light bulb went off. Lets get Victoria and Sang’s first dance songs and give them their first dance after the cake cut! I knew the Fabulous Belinda Clinton could make this happen! 

The Wedding Ceremony at Quarry Farm WA in the Shearing Shed

It was so Lovely to see Sang setting up the Live stream with Belinda Clinton Marriage celebrant. Livestreaming meant all the guests who should have been at the wedding could tune in and see these young lovers tie the knot!

Being able to photograph these moments is so very special adding to the story of Victoria and Sang’s Wedding Day.

We teed up these lovers’ important songs and before we knew it bride Victoria had made her way to Quarry Farm WA and was ready to marry the love of her life.

With Sang standing at the end of the aisle our bride made her entry and the moment her dad gives Sang her hand gets a bit much.

Beautiful Belinda Clinton doubles as a bridesmaid, fluffs Victoria’s wedding dress, takes her coat and begins the ceremony to get these lovers hitched.

Look for the moments of uncontrollable laughter, Sang bought his personality to the ceremony 100%. There were tears, happy tears, and emotional tears.

Rings exchanged and first kisses had.

Adorning the signing table was that beautifully cute cake made with so much love by Helen, Mother of the Bride.

These newlyweds made their way up the aisle in style and Belinda Clinton made sure the live Stream included the Guests! This wonderful celebrant will always go above and beyond!

We Snapped a group photo to document and show the times.

Let some wedding day magic begin!

Cake Cut and Celebrations

For most couples they long for the wedding reception and celebrations to begin. These lovers were no different but were forced to make a tough decision.

We made moments of the cake cut and the looks photographed on the faces of these lovers showed just how much they appreciated that moment. The love, laughter and smiles on their faces at the cut their cake brings so many happy feelings flooding back.

Being able to give these lovers the opportunity to dance together and for Victoria to dance with her dad all while Belinda Clinton is holding an iPad sharing it with their loved ones was magic!

I have since spoke with Bride Victoria and she tells me these moments are ones she will never forget.

It’s all about the moments!

In the gallery you will see this beautiful bride holding the iPad and talking to her loved ones. The seats filled in the shearing shed that day were far more abundant than what the images show.

With fun had it was time to document some all-important family photos and head off to explore the Farm and capture more memories for these lovers 

Wedding Photographs at Quarry Farm WA

Being a winter wedding the Quarry Farm WA was lush and green.

The day was still yet overcast.

Watching these newlyweds interact, laugh and be present with each other was pure joy. I can see how comfortable they are together, how much love they have for each other and how they like to laugh together.

For couples who tell me they are awkward in front of cameras, this combination of things is all I need to capture natural images for you.

We need to mention the moment Sang pops the champagne. This was a first for him. To give these lovers this moment with its true celebration symbolisation and photograph it for them was thrilling!

Every couple has a story, and I am so happy I was able to be there for these lovers and document their day.

Thanks for choosing me to be your wedding photographer xx love Simone 

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