Quarry Farm

Quarry Farm

Amy and Cai

Amy and Cai chose St Vincent’s Catholic Church Parmelia for their wedding ceremony and Quarry Farm WA for their wedding day celebrations and wedding reception! What a celebration it was.

These lovers have a real lust for life, having fun and being 100% present in every moment.

Down to earth, warm, friendly, personable and their family and loved ones mean the world to them. 

How I came to be Amy and Cai’s wedding photographer.

It is no secret I love Quarry Farm weddings. Every season at this beautiful venue is so different with its changing landscape from season to season.

I am also partial to a church wedding. I love your church weddings.

Amy sent an enquiry though to tee a meeting up with me to chat about their wedding day and photography. I highly recommend meetings. You must feel comfortable around your wedding photographer as well as like their photography style.

There was an instant bond with them upon meeting.  I found out on their wedding day that Amy and Cai felt the same way about me from Janette, Amy’s Mum.

That feeling when you are around people and you feel like you have known them forever, this is how you feel around Amy and Cai. Both teachers, they are super humans!

Not sure if it was the drinks we shared on meeting hey Cai , that may have had something to do with it.

I was really excited to be chosen to capture Amy and Cai’s wedding day! 

The Wedding Day.

In the school holiday spring break the day had arrived for Cai to marry his Amy. For Amy to marry her Cai.

Preparations were just Rooms apart at Quest Rockingham.

I arrived and headed to see Amy and her tribe first. Being doors apart how could I not pop my head in to see them first. Amy was in the Makeup chair and seeing her was a little emotional! Yes, I am a sucker for seeing you on your wedding day.

I left Amy and her Tribe and head to Cai and his lad’s room. 

Cai’s Preparations

Jovial and conversations typical to gents were being had.

They were all running on time. Cai had put so much time into organising the little things for his wedding day. Cai was very much a hands-on input guy. No sitting back for him with Amy organising it all. It was great to see both lovers very much invested equally in planning the wedding day of their dreams.

Cai wears a classic black suit from Tarocash.

Loved the tribute to the couple’s fur babies on Cai’s socks! He was very happy to don his socks and shoes and have his doggies walk with him on his wedding day.

Best man, James, helps Cai dress and proves he really does have Cai’s back! Love this moment. Check it out in the photos.

The gents are all dressed and its time to find our Amy again. 

Amy’s Preparations

Arriving back to Amy, I capture her wedding day details.

Her wedding dress is ever so stunning from Zoo Bridal. The back of her dress is open with amazing details. 

Honey Blossom Floral Designs – Emily Evans,  has worked her floristry skills and created divine romantic classic rose bouquets with that modern day twist.

Amy’s tribe is wearing the most in season colour! Check out the photos to see what colour is “so in” right now. Their dresses are from Dotti. Love the robes worn too for the preparations.

Amy’s tribe to frock’s up and then help Amy into her gown.

Let me take a moment to chat preparations.

It is a decision for you to have your preparations covered or not.

Whatever you decide is your choice.

When considering this, factor in the weather.

Mother Nature can be very unpredictable. Sometimes you may plan a summer wedding and we get a summer storm.

The moment you step out of the comfort of your preparation address everything is out of our control. If you really want that newness and fresh just made-up hair and makeup look captured, factor in preparation coverage.

Like Amy.

We had time to capture a moment with loved ones before Amy stepped out of her preparations  and into mother nature. 

Later in the day mother nature did decide to bless these two with some rain on their wedding day.

The Wedding Ceremony

Church weddings have changed so much over the years.

If you are thinking boring, stuffy stand there, don’t move, don’t laugh. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

These days they are fun, light-hearted yet serious when they need to be. Add in the fact you know your Officiant very well, just as Amy and Cai knew Father Pier and your wedding ceremony is full of love and laughter. 

Preceding Amy’s walk down the aisle were 7 little special nieces and nephews.

Cuteness element, check.

Followed by her most loved tribe. A

my’s walk down the aisle saw tears from her hubby about to be.

Tears, check.

Amy and Cai’s vows, More love and laughter. Ring exchange, love, and laughter.

Then a very special wedding ceremony reading from a very special flower girl.

The legal’s were signed and Amy and Cai walked the aisle as husband and wife.

Queue the dip mid aisle.

Dip and kiss, check.

Could you ask for a better wedding ceremony? It was perfection for Amy and Cai.

Before leaving the Church grounds to head to Quarry Farm, we captured all the must have family photographs for Amy and Cai’s wedding day. 

Quarry Farm

Arriving at Quarry Farm

Arriving at Quarry Farm the wedding venue is ready to welcome the guests.

Garden Games are set up outside on the terrace with those perfect views and overcast moody sky.

In the distance I can see a shower rolling in.  Amy and Cai hurry  into the their wedding car from Very Nice Classic’s to venture to the top of the hill at  Quarry Farm for their wedding photos. 

Cai holds the umbrella for his wife as we take in the gorgeous surroundings. Into the Shed we head to wait out some weather. Look out for the couples wedding tribe who are already indulging in canapes and beverages, nice and dry in the shed. 

Best man James proves he is the best man with his veil flicking abilities! He’s still surprised he withstood the flick of the Holy Water from the blessing of the wedding rings during the ceremony.

Our lovers stroll Quarry Farm’s “Lover’s Laneway”, have a few shenanigans in the field at Quarry Farm  and Cai tries his best at the champagne spray. Watch for Cai’s face and everyone behind him. So much laughter.

A stroll on the driveway and another dip and kiss. These lovers are getting pretty good at the Dip and Kiss. 

Quarry Farm Wedding Reception

Back at the main homestead the awesome and wonderful Adam Pacan, from The Perth Wedding DJ, is amping the crowd up for the entrance of the wedding party. Adam Pacan is wonderful behind the Mic as your MC and on the Decks as your DJ.

The atmosphere on entry was electric with everyone bringing their best wedding reception entry moves. Amy points to the cake with her bouquet and off they go to find the knife to cut the biggest wedding cake you have probably ever seen.

Everyone enjoys a meal  before settling into speech time. Love the moments captured during the speeches.

The shoe game. Love this game. The questions asked, the shoes get raised, the laughter and of course the moment Cai gets to show his socks off.

Some of you are lucky enough to have your dad present to have a moment on the dancefloor together. Awe the embrace from a very proud dad. Look out for that moment.

Your first dance as husband and wife can be anything your want it to be. From a twostep shuffle, a choreographed dance routine to a few epic sways and a dip and kiss. That’s 3 for the day Amy and Cai!

And just like that the dancefloor is open. Amy changes into her dancing shoes. The guests all relish in Nutbush. Followed closely by pants dropping and belt wielding during the Eagle Rock. And then its time to get sentimental with a family circle and epic moment during Khe San. So sentimental to Cai’s dad, Steve. 

Final words from your wedding photographer

And here we end this blog with the 4th dip and kiss. Nailed it Amy and Cai.

It really was a pleasure to see your happy faces in every single moment of your wedding day. To capture it all was a privilege.

It is surreal to do this wedding photography thing as a “Job” because it really isn’t a job at all when I get to spend my days with beautiful people with the hugest hearts who really love having me there as much as I love being there.

I can’t wait to stalk your lives and see all your adventures on Instagram!

Thank you both so much for a wonderful day and for trusting me, choosing me and being in every moment of your day.

Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness – love your wedding photographer Simone

Brides Dress – Zoo Bridal
Suits – Tarocash
Cars – Very Nice Classics
Rings – Michael Hill
Bridesmaid Dresses – Dotti
Hair -Hair by Amy (independent hair dresser)
Venue – Quarry Farm
Cake – I Made It Cakes – Candice Blower

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