Baldivis Farm Stay Wedding

Baldivis Farm Stay Wedding - 23rd November 2018

Tiona & Todd

Tiona and Todd chose Baldivis Farm Stay for their country charm wedding on November 23rd 2018.

Here I am about to write their wedding blog.

Something about my work caught Tiona’s eye and she messaged me back in December 2017. Without even meeting me I got the message we would love to go ahead and book an 8-hour package. Where do we go from here?

I always love to meet you whenever possible to make sure you like me enough to want to spend your wedding day with me.

So that very day Tiona and Todd and their girls were in my office choosing me as their wedding photographer.

Everything was just so easy with these lovers. They are so chilled, so down to earth and boy do they know how to have fun.

On your wedding day I pretty much go with the flow too and its very chilled. So, if that’s the wedding you’re planning and if you like a vibrant filter less colourful style just maybe I’m the photographer for you too.

Lead Up to the wedding

Tiona was one of my brides who messaged me from time to time during her planning process. I always welcome this as it helps get to know you. It also helps you get to know me. It’s also nice to know you are excited about your wedding!

As time went on it was so clear Tiona and Todd were chilled, and I was chilled and ask Tiona, maybe at one stage a little too chilled. This lead to laughs and just a totally relaxed vibe on their wedding day. Yes, I can do relaxed but produce professional and stunning wedding photography.

Nothing is ever too much trouble and whatever you want captured just ask! It’s what I’m at your weddings for! To capture your day your way.

The Wedding Day

Groom Preparations.

Yay! Finally, the Friday in November arrived. The sun was shining, and the afternoon would see some wind come through.

We started with Todd’s preparations.

We arrived to find father of the groom, Don, ironing! I know! This was a first for us. We simply had to capture this moment. Don told us he had to iron as no one else knew how to!

We met the best man Dylan and Shaun, the cheeky groomsman! I think it’s a Shaun thing! We love your personalities at weddings. 

Look out for the  two little cuties at their dad’s preparations, we knew we were in for a cute but hilarious day!

With our groom dressed and some memories capture it was time to head to Baldivis Farm Stay to see our Bride and her tribe.

Bride’s preparations.

It was our first time, since returning to weddings 3 years ago, capturing a wedding at Baldivis Farm Stay/Country Charm Weddings.

On arrival, it was just gorgeous. We could see the barn where the reception was setup and could imagine guests enjoying golden hour as night would fall and the festoons light up.

Knocking on the cottage door, we found our bride chilled and in the makeup chair of talented Crystal of Brow & Blend.

The ladies were just as chilled as the lads.

We set about capturing the little details whilst out bride and her tribe were pampered with hair and makeup.

It wasn’t long before the two little cuties from the groom’s preparations joined their mummy for her preparations.

Just as Don was ironing the lad’s shirts, bride Tiona was steaming her dress. Its these super chilled no fuss moments we love.

It was time for Tiona to dress her girls.  It was so lovely to watch our bride with her girls. Cuteness galore. From dressing them to putting lip colour on them. So much love in the images.

As 4pm approached our bride slipped in to her amazing gown, veiled up and made the grand reveal to proud father of the bride, Russell. Oh their happy smiles!

Weddings, I love them.

The Ceremony

Celebrant Sally Newman knocked on the door to see how our bride was fairing. It was time to get the bride up the aisle and these lovers wed.

As we waited with Todd for his bride to arrive it all got a bit surreal for him. What a proud moment to see his daughters and the love of his life walk towards him. I think we all felt the love right in that moment.

Tears tuned quickly to smiles. Sally has a special touch during wedding ceremonies. I think nearly all my grooms have shed tears of joy for their brides, when Sally is the celebrant. Sally soon manages to have everyone smiling by helping to overcome nervousness quickly with her wonderful nature.

I mentioned wind earlier in the blog! Well low and behold Tiona’s veil set sail soon after walking down the aisle.

The ceremony had it all! Cute little flower girls, laughter, tears, a flying veil, vows and cute little ring bearers. Look out for Tiona and Todd’s little girls all through the ceremony. Precious are these marriages with little ones about. Family memories made right there.

Our couple signed the registry, Todd finally got to Kiss his bride and this husband and wife walked back up the aisle with two little cuties behind them. One, so proud to carry her mums dress.

Wedding Photography time with the bridal party.

Tiona and Todd chose the perfect location just 10 minutes offsite from Baldivis Farm Stay to head for wedding photos.

It was obvious the bridal party would have us laughing! Look out for Shaun and bridesmaid Hira! No words. You will see them!

The light was gorgeous in the location and with a lot of the must have’s captured, Tiona requested some real up close romantic images. Not all couples are comfortable with this.

Some couples don’t do romance. That first kiss at ceremonies is sometimes too much for couples also! Yes, its true and we understand this.

Some couples just want fun and laughter moments, so it was so nice to be able to work with Tiona and Todd to capture these real loved up romantic memories for them. They were so comfortable with each other and with me. I think they nailed the up close romantic images.

And therefore, be comfortable with your wedding photographer. Kissing and romance is not easy with an audience. Be comfortable with each other, and me, and we can capture magic!

It was time to head to the reception.

My bride and groom planned to party!

Baldivis Farm Stay Wedding Reception

Enter the bridal party!

As the sun set and the venue glowed, Tiona and Todd made their grand entry.

Straight into the cake cut. Would you believe the brides long-time friend Lydia was the master behind this stunning creation!

 It was then time for a game of truth and these lovers radiated happiness! How huge are their smiles?

Complete DJ’s provided the awesome tunes whilst people drank and ate.

Queue the speeches. Once again, more laughter and Todd drinking his poison, Southern Comfort! Check out Tiona laughing!

These lovers danced up a storm. Their passion totally on fire! Bride Tiona rocked the dance floor!

We finished with a quick image under the festoons and left these lovers smiling, drinking, dancing and just having the hugest celebration of their love and marriage.

Tiona and Todd, what an amazing celebration of your love and commitment. Thanks for being super chilled and just taking it all in your stride. This is the best way ever and leads to the best weddings and memories ever!

I hope you love this sneak peek of wedding photographs of your day, your way.

Hugest congratulations and thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer! Xxx

Gorgeous Wedding vendors. 

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Dress – Tuscany Bridal
Makeup – Brow and Blend
DJ – Complete DJ
Cake – Lydia Batchelor
Grooms Ring – Michael hill
Favours – made by the bride
Flower girls dresses – Arabella And Rose
Hair – K Zinsley
Styling – Jess Goodier
Brides Ring- Diamond Club
Cater – Pizza Panache

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