Boho Matilda Bay Wedding

Matilda Bay Wedding - 17th November 2018

Elise & Joe

I first met engaged couple Elise and Joe who were planning a boho Matilda Bay Wedding back in January 2017 at the eBridal wedding expo.

Hearing their plans for an intimate gathering on the banks of the Swan River, had me excited to join them on their wedding day. However lets not mention the “curious” swan just yet.  These young lovers are just absolute darlings and I was so excited they chose me as their wedding photographer.

Leading up to the Wedding Day

Finally, after what seemed like years and years of waiting for 17th November 2018 to roll around, it starts fast approaching. Elise followed my work on social media and allowed me to follow her. This meant I felt like more than just Elise and Joes wedding photographer. I got to see them enjoy holidays and see Elise and Joe’s love for their two little chihuahua’s. Look out for them in the blog!

As the day drew nearer Elise and I texted back and forth. Once again getting to know my beautiful bride even more and her vision for her wedding day. This lead us to attend her ceremony rehearsal at Matilda Bay and that swan!

On the Wednesday before the wedding we headed out to meet the bridal party and celebrant Chris Temov. All was going well, however as we finished one pesky swan decided to chase us all away. There was talk as to if it would return for the wedding and how we all might run away during the ceremony under attack of the Black Swan.

The Wedding Day

We all awoke on the day of the wedding to a smoky haze covering the skies of Perth due to burn off in the south west. As I drove to my bride and passed through the city, the city and river were barely visible. I knew my bride and groom had chosen Matilda Bay for its view and sentimental reasons however mother nature had something else in store. She thought these lovers had such a strong bond she decided to keep the smoky haze around to show how passionate and on fire their love is. Elise and Joe, I’m sticking with that.

Wedding Photography of the Brides preparations

I arrived at a house of beauties. Dressed in floral robes, Cally, from Luxe Bridal Hair was working on stunning wedding day hair and Jo from Covet Cosmetic studio was making our bride and her tribe look radiantly beautiful.

The Florals from The Flowergirl were amazing! The colour palate my bride had chosen was beautiful.

In a stunning space it was hard not to capture and photograph anything but beautiful wedding day memories, just look at how gorgeous these beauties are, and I assure you it comes from the inside.

With my bride’s preparations covered I made the journey back down the freeway. I had hoped the haze had cleared but without a breath of wind in the air it meant the smoky sky was here to stay for a while.  Yes, secretly us wedding photographers do love an overcast sky. It softens the light and makes everything dreamy.

The Ceremony 

I arrived at the most stunning ceremony setup with styling by The Wedding Place Perth. Those florals once again were just amazing. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw Joe’s stunning suit choice. Its so lovely to see grooms opting for different coloured pants and jackets and wow Joe, what a wedding day jacket!

With Elise’s boho wedding style, a horse and cart arrival was perfection. Toffee and the ladies from Charming Carriages added a touch of charm. I still say Joe is more handsome than price charming and Elise is our own modern-day fairy tale Cinderella.

Everyone’s excited eyes were on Elise and her bridal party as they made their walk down the aisle and Joe was seen wiping his eyes. What a beautiful moment seeing the lady about to become your wife walking towards you.

Laughs were shared, rings were exchanged and even a high five between these newlyweds. The paper work signing made it official and Chris Temov presented the new Mr and Mrs Lamont to the world.

Congratulations Newlyweds

What followed was beautiful memories captured with Toffee, Groomsman Christian overcoming his fear of horses, family photographs and memories of our newlyweds with that stunning horse and cart.

When I planned out timings with Elise and Joe they allowed enough time to really enjoy their wedding day.

Find Some Alone time

I had been thinking, since their rehearsal about finding a way to let these lovers sneak off in the horse and cart, alone, together to really soak in and appreciate what had just happened.

I suggested they both take some time out if they wanted to or course and head off for a horse and cart ride. My suggestion was meet with huge smiles and appreciation. Remember Newlyweds you’ve waited so long for this day.

Don’t forget your wedding day is about the love and relationship you both share. It is such a lovely memory if you can both find some alone time on your wedding day. Without the wedding photographer, without the videographer, just you. Yes, we love capturing your memories, but we also love giving you memories too.

Our bride and groom arrived back with beaming smiles from the waves, whistles and well wishes of the public. Belle Classic Limousines whisked them  off to John Oldham park to find the pine forest. Find it we did. We captured some memories for our newlyweds then headed back to Matilda Bay. The skies were clearing giving our lovers the view they dreamed of.

Matilda Bay Wedding Reception 

Queue the reception, the floral’s, the gold touches on the plates, the gold cutlery, the crystal, it was just breathtakingly beautiful.

The Perth Wedding DJ and MC for the night, Adam Pacan, announced the bridal party and the arrival of Mr and Mrs Lamont. With huge smiles still beaming the reception was well underway. Speeches were said, dinner was eaten and here is the time for the pesky swan to make another appearance.

About that Swan

As I headed out with my bride and groom to try for a night image in the darkness up came that pesky black swan. He was determined not to give up his prized piece of real-estate to us for a night image. He chased Joe for a bit. We sent a guest out as “bait” or rather to master the art of distraction. We managed just a couple of quick shots between the two trees these lovers said I Do under earlier in the day. Yes, pesky black swan I took your photo to warn all future Perth brides and grooms about your unwelcoming but memorable behaviour. Thanks for the laughs Swannie.

It was time to cut the gorgeous wedding cake made by The Cake and I. The colour of the cake was glorious. With the cake cut the newlyweds head outside to the outside dance floor to wow guests with twirls around the dancefloor. Everyone’s huge smiles radiated the happiness of what was 17th November 2018, the wedding day of Joe and Elise Lamont.


To my Bride and Groom, your wedding day, the both of you are etched in my heart forever. Thank you both for the hugs. The love you both share will last your eternity and beyond. You are forever my very special darlings! Hugest congratulations xxx

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Brides dress Bridal Affair
Flower Girls Dress Arabella And Rose
Page Boy Outfit Next Australia
Celebrant – Marriages by Chris Temov
Horse and Cart Charming Carriages

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