Perfect Quarry Farm Wedding

Perfect Quarry Farm Wedding - 5th October 2018

Melissa & Adam

Where do I start blogging about Melissa and Adam’s perfect Quarry Farm wedding in the hay field?

I have so much to say but only so much blog space.

I will start here, Melissa and Adam what a perfect day!

You have no idea how hard it was for me to choose images to include in your blog. Not only your happy faces made it hard but its evident that everyone present at your wedding felt just as happy to be there as I did to capture these memories for you.

When I first met Melissa and Adam back in January this year I listened as they described their dreams of a chilled wedding with a huge party vibe at Quarry Farm.

I arrived, with my sister Natasha closely followed by the amazing Trish Woodford who assisted me on the day, to capture my graceful bride’s preparation at Yarrabah Retreat – just 5 mins from Quarry Farm.

This piece of paradise will always be sentimental to the couple, as Melissa told me on the day, Adam had taken her here to celebrate her first birthday they would share together, as a couple, when they first stated dating. It was fitting she would get ready to marry Adam at Yarrabah and they would spend there first nights together as husband and wife there.

Everywhere we looked there was beauty at Yarrabah. Our bride, her tribe, her parents! It was just gorgeous.

We left Melissa to head off to find our Groom.

Find him we did!

In front of a stunning Quarry Farm hay field surrounded by about 170 people, in front of the most stunning floral arbour and with a couple of 4 legged furbabies! Check out Charlie (Black Labrador) and Maui (Gold Labrador)!

Yes, Melissa and Adam are dog lovers! My favourite kind of people.

I also met the Queen of youthful chilled ceremonies Belinda Clinton before our bride arrived! Belinda brings organisation with a professional yet totally relaxed and fun vibe to your day.

Queue Melissa’s walk down the aisle. Like a graceful Bride she humbly stops to kiss her furbabies on the way through, oh be still our beating hearts.

Father of the bride, Wayne, has some lovely words to say to Adam when he gave Adam Melissa’s hand after the walk down the aisle. Rumour has it he leant over to show Adam something that rhymes with pullet. I’ll let you do the math there.

It had everyone laughing, including Adam. It was obvious as the day went on Adam and Wayne have a close relationship.

As Belinda pronounced them husband and wife and Adam got to kiss his bride, there were cheers. I want to bring every grooms attention to the kiss photo! This is how you kiss the bride. What a dream to capture.

Quarry Farms Iconic Laneway provided the backdrop for the official family portrait of Melissa and Adam and their furbabies.

Melissa loves art and also had the famous Shakey Jakey Artist out at Quarry Farm to paint a wedding day image of the family of 4. Check it out in the images.

We got the funniest bridal party picture! I still laugh every time I see it. Be sure to look out for it on the blog. Melissa and Adam’s Tribe, you were all amazing!

When I met Melissa and Adam back in January, was also clear these lovers love the outdoors and adventure.

It was so important for them to allow the time to explore the huge property of Quarry Farm for their wedding day photography session.

This meant I was able to get off the beaten track, follow my heel wearing bride and her groom up the hillside to a special little spot Melissa had discovered with her dad Wayne on a walk out at the property in the months before.

How Melissa did the walk in heels I have no idea! She walked those hills with grace like she belonged and was so at home there.

Trish and I had the best time up that hill. The light, the kangaroos, the sunset, our couple, it was just perfect! It allowed us to produce a very unique set of wedding photography memories at Quarry Farm for these lovers.

Now for the second part of this perfect day. The party! Sorry, the wedding reception!

There were beautiful speeches and some funny words. There was so much laughter and happiness and a wooden bar top made by Adam’s sister and signed by all the guests.

This lot knew how to party and dance the night away!

Melissa and Adam thank you so much for choosing me to capture your day. It was such an honour to work with you both and your loved ones.

From the three of us Trish, Natasha and I we wish you the happiest life together. Keep smiling, exploring and enjoying life!


Suits – Politix
Flowers –  Edie And Ivy
Venue – Quarry Farm
Cake – Bittersweet Bake
Brides Rings – Lovells Jewellers
Bridesmaid Dresses –  Shona Joy
Hair & Makeup – Kelsey Regel
DJ/MC –  Reilly Craig ( Acoustic) & DJ Scott-e
Live Wedding Art – Shakey Jakey Artist
Grooms Ring – Angus and Coote

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