Perth Beach Wedding

Perth Beach Wedding

Bec & Connor

Are you planning a Perth beach wedding? Keep reading!

Beach babes Bec and Connor planned the best beach wedding at North Beach in Perth Western Australia. Their wedding reception venue, Tom’s Italian located just across the road.

Firstly, how did I come to meet Bec and Connor?

One of my past couples Joel and Krystal happen to go to the same gym as these lovers and recommended me. I love meeting you all via referral! It really gives me the warm and fuzzies knowing you loved what I captured at your weddings to refer me on to your friends.

Bec and Connor and their little precious Alaska came in to visit me in my wedding space to chat about their love and wedding day plans.

These lovers were planning a super chilled go with the flow beach wedding with epic party vibes for their wedding celebrations. It really is important you gel with your wedding photographer and other wedding vendors. It helps us to know what is important to you to be able to deliver you the best wedding day experience ever.

I asked these lovers if they had their wedding celebrant locked in. I love knowing who you have chosen. They had not got that far into their planning and asked me for suggestions.

Knowing the vibe, they were going for, add in the mix they have a little bubba I was feeling Connie from With Love as Always could have the Vibe these lovers were looking for. After contacting Connie, they locked her in.

I couldn’t wait to hear and see the ceremony Connie would deliver and capture the moments of love and sentiment for Bec and Connor. 

The Lead up

Connie organised a wedding ceremony rehearsal at North Beach in the days before the wedding to really help these lovers envision the flow of their day.

We got to see the very spot Connor proposed to Bec and work out the best location for the couple to stand before their guests to get hitched. The Rocky cliffs, beach vibes and blue sky made the perfect back drop.

Here comes Connor and Bec’s North Beach Perth Wedding Day! 

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These lovers requested coverage from their ceremony through to their reception. I have a range of wedding photography packages to suit your Perth wedding day. 

The Wedding Day

Arriving at North Beach we saw the beautiful ceremony space styled by Pallet Furniture Co.

Unlike the wedding rehearsal the day before it was a tad windy, just adding to the beachy vibes.

Connor was looking handsome in a Neutral toned suit emitting a beachy vibe. Throw in some Bush Chook, guests arriving, shoes being removed, photos being taken, laughs being had and all we needed was our Beach Babe  Bec.

The reaction when Bec sees Connie was priceless.  This moment just reinforced why couples (and vendors) love Connie. Connie is invested in you, your ceremony, your wedding day, and your loved ones. 

Time for the Ceremony

It is time for Bec and her two dads to walk the aisle, you must look for the moment between these two amazing men at the wedding reception.

With Connor shaking their hands, he takes his soon to be MRS Favell’s hand, and they walk to the arbour.

I gave Bec some advice. Being windy if you get to the arbour and decide you want to swap spots with Connor – do it!

And that she did.

This meant Bec was  comfortable throughout the ceremony. Her hair was blowing back and her dress was showing off  its stunning design, that gorgeous leg spilt.

There are so many images from the ceremony include in the blog, as the photographs are simply Stunning. The looks, the laughs the important moments.

Look out for the moment Connie states to Connor-
“And do you Promise that in a Hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, and in any version of reality you will find this woman and choose her each time?

Should we maybe see what the boys think mate?”

And queue the boys to chat this through with Connor! EPIC!

With the boys giving Bec the Thumbs up the ceremony continues. Look for the moment  Connor can be seen feeling for the rings, has he got them?

Look out for the laughter to follow.

With vows and rings exchanged and the best first kiss moment, the legals are signed and back up the aisle they head as Mr and Mrs.

Connie has hitched these two lovers. 

After the Wedding ceremony

With the guests congratulating  the newlyweds it was time to snap a few family and fur family moments before heading to Tom’s Italian.

Capturing these lovers must have family and group shots inside Tom’s Italian kept everyone’s hair at bay.

I’m sure by then Bec and Connor just wanted to party ( I know they did ), Joshua ( the couples videographer) and I convinced them to head to the beach again for some sunset photos.

It’s the moment where you get to be together just chilling with some champagne, the sunset and the last light of the day that not only gives us the greatest light for photography and videography, but it also gives you to time to have fun together.

And aren’t the photos Epic! So worth it Bec and Connor 

It was back up to Tom’s Italian for a formal entry, Speeches, food and drink, wedding reception fun and some rad dance floor moves and cocktails.

Bec and Connor, it was so lovely to be your wedding photographer and capture these moments for you. Keep Smiling, being beach babes and lifting!

Hugest Congratulations.

Ceremony Styling – Pallet Furniture Co
Venue – Toms Italian
Brides Dress – Bridal by Aubrey Rose  & Rachel Rose Bridal
Videographer – Joshua Luke Green

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