Quarry Farm Wedding Reception

Quarry Farm Wedding Reception

Tanika and Nick

Ever wonder what an Araluen Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony and Quarry Farm Wedding Reception look and feel like?

Tanika and Nick opted for these stunning locations for their wedding day. Read on!

When a couple choose two sentimental spots for their wedding day, it’s all heart.

These young lovers LOVE the ferny goodness that is Araluen Botanic Park yet Quarry Farm reminds Nick of the old motor cross days, and suited these country bumpkins at heart. Yes, Quarry Farm has been a few things over the decades. 

So how did I come to be at Tanika and Nicks wedding day?

Right here – their enquiry went something like this

My partner and I are getting married – we have fallen in love with your style as it feels so natural and relaxing suiting us country bumpkins at heart

When I hear the words, we have fallen in love with your style,  my heart does do a back flip! This is why I do what I do. For lovers who love what I do. 

Now I want to set the record straight about those words “natural and relaxing”.

So many wedding photographer’s sales pitches to young lovers marrying include these words –

“I won’t pose you, I swear”. I’m calling utter BS on this.

Is it posed? – any time a photographer gives you “direction” it is, kind of, well, um, posed?

If we didn’t give you “direction (pose you)” you would be walking about looking awkward wondering what on earth, you should do next.

Your wedding photographs wouldn’t feel natural and relaxing, suiting you country bumpkin’s at heart.

When you say you dislike posy photography what you are saying is don’t make me hold a pose for 8 hours like the very first photograph taken. YEP! its true thats how long the exposure was on the very first photograph taken.

I promise I won’t do that!

With that casual feel to my wedding photography comes years of experience, knowing what will work, when it will work, a feel for people and their personalities and my very own country bumpkinness ( is that even a word) at heart.

Tanika and Nick I was honoured, thrilled, excited to be chosen as your wedding photographer. 

Tanika’s Wedding Preparations

As I arrived the ladies were outside in the driveway putting last minute things into cars. wedding days are hectic. Especially that last minute dash as you head out the door to the ceremony. Preparation is key!

Everyone’s Hair and Makeup was completely done!

This should have come as no surprise with Lindsay and her team at Starlet Concepts being Tanika and the ladies’ hair and Makeup Artists for the day. Lindsay is a magician for running on time, well a true professional who really understands how important it is to have a Bride and her ladies ready on time!

With Tanika’s bridesmaids were yet to see her dress we snuck upstairs to capture some detail shots.

Beautiful Mother of the bride, Yvonne, helped Tanika into her wedding dress.

Watching this proud mum with her daughter did get me all teary. . If you look through the wedding photographs you notice a tribute to Tanika’s dad who has passed. I know Yvonne’s thoughts would have been with her daughter and her late husband today. Seeing a mum and her daughter together in these intimate moments just sends emotions all over the place. The love and bond they have, it really is special.

Now the moment the bridesmaids have been waiting for. The big reveal! The screams the chatter, the gasps, the heart grabbing. All the feelings.

Then Tanika did what?

Walked into her chook pen right up to a spot with two chairs and a table where she and Nick spend many beautiful weekends lunch dates looking out to the view from up there.  Proof right there, Country Bumpkin at heart! A bride and chooks – Love it!

We snapped some portraits on the front porch, and I left these beautiful women to enjoy the time before they  head to Araluen Botanic Park for the Wedding Ceremony. 

Wedding Ceremony – The Rose Gardens – Araluen Botanic Park

Driving to Araluen it was smoky from a fire. Smoke does get me excited for sunset – stay tuned for that. 

Celebrant Joyce Mathers was greeting guests and perfecting her space. Joyce’s ceremonies are amazing. The images speak for themselves. Love, laughter, tears of emotion, Joyce really does deliver a magnificent memorable ceremony. Her accent is divine too!

Not all grooms want their preparations photographed.

Should you decide not to have preparations covered I seek you and your family out to photograph some pre ceremony moments of you all together.

Look for the photo of Catherine and John, mother and father of the groom. Awe my heart. Love the way they are looking at each other. 

With Nick’s brothers proving to me they still had the rings and that moment captured, I caught a glimpse of Belles Limousines White Jag in the corner of my eye and raced up to photograph Tanika’s arrival.

Its ceremony time!

Nick was all smiles as Tanika’s tribe walked the aisle but the moment, he laid eyes on his wife to be his eyes closed to fight those tears and he whispered the words “you look beautiful” as she walked towards him.

Look for the moment Yvonne kissed Tanika at the end of the aisle and what did Nick do? Put his cheek out for a kiss too! It’s these “you” moments that get me every time.

I don’t think there was a dry eye around. Tanika’s sister was caught wiping tears away.

Time for the vows. In the moment Tanika found it hard to talk and Nick reaches in, takes her hand and that was all the support Tanika needed to get through her vows. Love and adoration!

With Rings exchanged queue some handfasting! Love this element when you choose to incorporate it into your wedding ceremony. The official tying of the knot! Love the meaning, love the laughter and I loved the moment Joyce points at Nick and tells him he cannot kiss the bride, yet.

And then comes the perfect first kiss, with hands still fasted.

Followed by laughter as they try to get their hands free without untying the knot.

Joyce, your ceremonies are first class!

Check Nick out at the Signing of the certificate. Just sitting there, feeling chuffed, admiring his wife. I was watching him, watch Tanika and knowing she had no idea of the happiness on his face.

Time for the epic walk back up the aisle rose petal toss and a group photo with all the guests.  Can you see the smoky haze in the background?  

Wedding photos in a Ferny World

Tanika and Nicks most favourite part of Araluen is the fern grove. It truly is out of this world. Something like a movie set. The effect the smoke haze had on the back light, it looked magical.

Once we capture this location it was time for Belle’s cars to drive these lovers and their tribe to Quarry Farm for some more wedding day memories and their Quarry Farm Wedding Reception 

Quarry Farm wedding photos.

As you look at the wedding photos and watch the wedding cars arrive at Quarry Farm take a moment to appreciate these old beauties. Nick has an epic passion for cars. He is after all, a mechanic.

From their arrival, to a moment in the car, to Nick helping his wife out. Nothing was scripted or posed here, and as Nick kissed his wife’s hand as she exited the car not a thing was posed. A true gentleman. Love this timeless moment.

Hand in hand they strolled Quarry Farm.

We headed down to a field for some epic fun with champagne.  Check out Nick and Tanika’s joy. Nick had a blast and everyone else had fun laughing at him enjoying it so much. You will smile at these moments too. If you are up for a champagne spray, let do it!

Being adventure lovers, it was a must to finish on the top of a hill for sunset.

Remember I mentioned what smoke does to sunsets.

Check these images out. No words!

Time to get these lovers back to Quarry Farm’s homestead for their wedding reception. 

Quarry Farm Wedding Reception

Quarry Farm really boasts a unique space for your wedding reception.

It is amazing.

Guests always oohh and ahhh when they arrive.

The views from the terrace are breathtaking. Sunsets from the terrace are amazing.

Time for Tanika and Nick to dance their way into their wedding reception.

It was straight into speeches to get the formal parts of the evening done and dusted. 

Speeches are always sentimental, funny and heart warming. Tears during the speeches are a sign of an abundance of love. Many tears were shed all around, combined with lots of laughter and many cheers.

As you look through the wedding reception at Quarry Farm take in the ambience of this grand homestead. Imagine everything it would have seen in it’s history. Epic!

Look out for the moment Bride Tanika gives me the thumbs up in her speech!

This tells me she’s had a great day; she’s married her Nick. Nick has married his Tanika.

That thumbs up – means everything to me!

Hugest congratulations Mr and Mrs!.

Thank you for choosing me and for letting me into your lives in the lead up, and on your wedding day. It was an honour to hear Nicks tales and watch you laugh and cry through my lens. May these moments be passed down through the generations and you always look back fondly and happily on your beautiful wedding day. 

Brides Dress – Collezione Bridal
Hair and Makeup  – Starlet Concepts
Celebrant –  Joyce Mathers
Wedding Ceremony Location  – Araluen Botanic Park
Wedding Reception Venue – Quarry Farm
Cake – Aunty Diane
Bridesmaid Dresses – Utopia Bridal Mandurah
Flowers – Bell Floral Design
Wedding Ceremony Styling – Rosy Events Hire
DJ/MC –  Scott-e at Elite DJs Perth
Rings – Solid Gold Diamonds Perth & Linneys Perth

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