Perth Wedding Opal Heart

Perth Wedding Opal Heart 8th September 2020

Julia & Diane

Perth Wedding, Opal Heart Piercing Studio, not two things that would usually go hand in hand, until Catwoman and Jessica Rabbit AKA Diane and Julia  marry, hand in hand or should I say Hands in Cuffs!

And it was Fabulous!

This is How the Story goes.

How I Came to Be at this Amazing Couples Wedding

On July 25th 2020, The year COVID-19 Hit, I received this very message from Diane –

Hi, our celebrant Connie Radecker has recommended your services, we are a same sex couple who are ‘eloping’ on 8 September.  If you can imagine Jessica Rabbit marrying Catwoman in a Body Piercing studio with the ceremony performed by the She Devil, then you can imagine our day. We would like our photos to be ‘rustic’ unprofessional type, not staged just a true depiction of the happiness and informality we seek. If you are interested in knowing more please contact me so we may chat. Regards Diane

Was I interested in knowing more? Absolutely!

For those of you who read my blogs, you know I love colourful, in the moment, true colour photography.

Everything Diane was describing had me visualising beautiful bold colour. Add the words Catwoman, Jessica Rabbit, marrying, Body Piercing Studio, Connie performing the ceremony as the She Devil, excitiement plus!

Diane and I exchanged messages to see if I was the right fit for who they wanted to capture their wedding day. With my Studio Based in Cockburn – a bit far from where these lovers are based, they headed out to Swan Valley Wedding Open Day to meet me.

I learnt more about these lovers and their story, this made me even more so thrilled and excited to be the one to share their wedding day.

A bit of “COVID” changed these lovers plans

Originally Catwoman, Diane, and Jessica Rabbit, Julia, had planned to head to Las Vegas and be married by Elvis. Then came Corona.

With no time to waste …AMAZING plan B!

Perth Western Australia, Opal Heart Body Piercing studio and  to be legally hitched by the She Devil – Connie from With Love as Always. 

A wedding that truely reflects a couples relationship, whilst embracing their individuality enables me as an artist to capture the most intimate exchanges between couples. This is a great honour.

Every choice this couple made about their wedding day was an authentic representation of their love and deepest desires.

For those who know me and my style, you know I am about keeping it real, with no filters and no BS. 🙂

The Wedding Day

QT Hotel in Perth was the location for Julia and Dianes wedding day preparations.

This hotel is modern, colourful, vibrant and even has “handcuffs” on the wall paper of the womens bathrooms.

We knocked on the door and were greeted by beautiful Julia in her stunning red sequinned dress. Oh boy did she rock the frock!

Diane was stepping into her Catwoman Suit.

We had Conversations about Corsets, Leather harnesses, whips, Geraldton Wax, piercings, gloves and life!

Watching the way Diane and Julia interact with eachother had me in awe.

I’m not sure if they realise just how much they help eachother, dote on eachother and love and adore one another. I can see these very moments in the images we captured.

The Big Walk down Murray Street

What a way to announce your love for eachother than to walk hand in hand, arm in arm, side by side down Murray Street, Perth, on the way to your wedding ceremony at Opal Heart.

One gentleman commented “Are you two on your way to your wedding” with replies of “Yes” his response of “Congratulations” made me proud to be West Aussie. Then came the “catwoman you look awesome” comments. Women were smiling, heads were turning.

It was electric.

Arriving at Opal Heart Piercing Studio

Capturing the moment Marriage Celebrants or  She Devils see their couples is just one moment on a wedding day I love to capture.

Can you feel the joy the She Devil (Connie) has in the images? Her beaming smile and warm embrace is what every bride needs on her wedding day. Connie radiates happiness.

Opal Heart Piercing Studio is about to host their first wedding. PS Catwoman has spent many a moment being pierced by owner Joel. It holds a special place in Dianes heart and is full of hearts hidden about the Studio and Cats.

With Joel and Bree ready to witness this marriage, the ceremony begins.

There is talk of Wildest fantasies, Wickedness, Tantalising memories, “N-a-u-g-h-t-y-as Hell loving partnerships”, rewriting rules, the good, the bad and with the “Bondage”, doing something crazy, something absolutely right!

Wedding vows like nothing before it. YES!! I teared up too. Vows personalised with honest authentic emotion… pure raw honest authentic thoughts and feelings. It was wicked.

A ceremony of love, laughter and uniqness. Joel presented the wedding rings on a piercing trolley (with a sachet labelled “lube”.. queue the lube jokes and laughter at this moment)

Rings are exchanged and Di and Julia are officially Handcuffed for life.

With the legals signed, the newlyweds exit Opal Heart as Wife & Wife.

The nearby Cafe sees the days event and presents the newlyweds with Cakes with congratulations handwritten  on the bag! Perth shows how awesome it is once again.

Wedding Photography Wolf Lane

Catwoman and Jessica Rabbit now Wife and Wife for life headed out into Wolf Lane where we captured a few wedding day Photos for them.

Wolf Lane is bright and colourful and suits these lovers to a T!

Along with lipstick touch ups, playful laughs and “moves”, personalised Wife & Wife, Just Married sandwich boards By Party Labels by Sandie we captured love and laughter.

And look… Wolf Lane has art work,  somewhat like a Gimp Mask… how could we not!

Diane and Julia then headed off to celebrate their love and marriage ……….with new piercings.

Personal Note –

Di and Julia, thank you!

My life is richer for knowing you. The laughs we had, the authentic lives you lead, you are true to your core being and as wildly wicked you are, you showed us how much you care for eachother, you showed us the looks you keep for eachother. You showed us your love!

Everyone that crosses our paths in life is here to teach us something.

I am so grateful to have witnessed your love and so honoured to have captured all these moments for you to treasure and remember your wedding day.

love Simone (your leather harness wearing Perth Opal Heart Wedding Photographer) & Rachael (your handy belt buckle fixer Aka  weddng photographer)


Brides Preparations  –  QT Hotel Perth
Sandwich Boards – Party Labels by Sandie

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