Precious Quarry Farm Wedding

Precious Quarry Farm Wedding 22nd August 2020

Jordain & Andrew

My first wedding back post Perth Covid – 19 restrictions was an extra precious Quarry Farm wedding. Bride Jordain and Groom Andrew had planned a big surprise for their wedding guests during the wedding reception.

It was the start of June 2020 when bride Jordain reached out to me about photographing her August 22nd 2020 wedding.

I must admit I was longing to capture a wedding post Covid-19 restrictions being lifted in Perth.

Jordain was planning her wedding in just over 2 months time. Couples were longing to marry. Jordain and Andrew had an extra special reason. They are expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Jordain booked without meeting me, we caught up a few weeks out from the wedding. This beautiful woman with a baby bump and the most stunning blues eyes and chilled personality arrived at my studio. Jordain had that beautiful mumma to be glow. I now know that that beautiful glow is just Jordain everyday.

Precious Quarry Farm Wedding Day

Did someone say winter wedding? There was no sign of winter that day. The weather was calm and peaceful – just like these lovers about to tie the knot.

Both the bride and groom were getting ready for their big day at Serpentine Falls Holiday Park, just a 10 minute drive from Quarry Farm.

With both preparations just a cabin away, we were able to fit their wedding day coverage into a 6 hour package as travel time was minimalised.

Groom Preparations

I had not met Groom Andrew prior to his wedding day. If he was anything like Jordain I knew he would be easy to get along with, chilled and as it turns out hes a barrel of laughs!

We captured Andrew with his best man putting on the finishing touches to his outfit for the day and then invited his nearest and dearest to have some photo fun with us.

We learnt –

Andrew vapes.

He also likes to poke his tongue out. Dear Andrew, did you know that when you are extremely happy you poke your tongue out! And we love it! This makes you, you!

It was soon time to find Jordain just a couple of doors down.

Bride Preparation

We were in awe when we saw Jordain and her little baby bump. She looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress.

Jordains mum Ingrid helped pop Jordains veil in. I remember looking at them both and seeing the similarities. They are both beautiful women.

Bridesmaid Danielle had us laughing all day. You can see the close bond between Jordain and Danielle. This is what weddings are all about.

With shoes put on, perfume sprayed some memories captured it was time to head to Quarry Farm for this extra precious wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

Quarry Farms Shearing Shed with beautiful drapery falling from the ceiling and the most stunning blooms by Posy Drop gracing the Arbour and Aisle was the chosen location for these lovers to exchange wedding vows.

We met Celebrant – Cassie de Burgh in the shearing shed, it was our first time working together 🙂 Cassie advised us of the extra special walk down the aisle moment. Look out for it in the photos. Jordain’s step father hands the important walk to Jordain’s dad at the top of the aisle. Two very special men in Jordains life playing huge roles in her wedding day. Priceless.

Prior to the walk down the aisle Groom Andrew played a joke on us all and did a runner. 😉 Yes we caught him… on camera. He really wasnt going to get far with Jordain’s Dad at the exit.

The ceremony provided great candid moments. Jordain and Andrews smiles beamed.

In the beautiful Shearing Shed that is Quarry Farm, Jordain and Andrew became husband and wife.

We captured the happiness, the love and we were so excited to be holding our cameras again post #RONA RESTRICTIONS capturing amazing moments for our couples.

Bridal Party Photos

There are many spots for Bridal party photos at Quarry Farm. Most newlyweds must have shots include the Huge Old Tree and Lovers Laneway, a laneway lined with beautiful Jacarandas.

Every season these areas look different. On August 22 2020 they were beautiful lush Green.

It was important for these newlyweds to have some images with The family car, a Jaguar which sports the Family name on the number plate. What ever you wish for your photography, we will make it happen.

Casual and candid was also a request. We give you some basic instructions and capture what happens next. 😛 we loved the casual moments of Wedding Veil play, of romance and of our groom almost doing a Hammy. How high can Andrew jump? PS we did not ask Andrew to do this the first time… we think its another on of his many hidden talents.

We had so much fun in such a short period of time. It was so very special when Groom Andrew thanked us as he was having the best time.

Sometimes the thought of wedding photography can be daunting. My style is capturing the moments you create together 🙂

Wedding Reception

The newlyweds entered their wedding reception and went straight into the first dance.

The Perth Wedding Spinner provided the tunes and was MC for the night.

It wasnt lonf before the wedding cake was cut and someone tried to lick the Knife. Groom Andrew becareful not to cut your tongue off! That tongue makes you uniquely you! 😛

Queue the extra Precious Quarry Farm Wedding Moment!

Whats that you all see. A huge question mark balloon? Rumour has it that a rumour was started at the bucks night, after a slip of the tongue, that these Newlyweds were expecting a baby boy! Wrong!

How priceless is the moment Jordain and Andrew realise they are expecting a baby girl! Everyone had tears of joy! It was amazing.

To finish of this amazing wedding day coverage, our bride and groom snuck off across the bridge to Quarry Farm’s island gazebo for a few night images.

Our first wedding back after #Rona was amazing. It was super chilled, super happy, full of love and laughter and the pitter patter of a baby girl.

Hugest Congratulations Jordain and Andrew! Thanks for choosing Simone Harris Photography. Rachael and I had a wonderful day with you both and with all of your loved ones.

Love your  Wedding Photographer – Simone xx

Flowers –  Posy Drop
Venue – Quarry Farm
Preparations – Serpentine Falls Holiday Park
Celebrant –  Cassie de Burgh

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