Quarry Farm WA

Quarry Farm WA Wedding

Chloe ang Greg - 18th September 2021

Quarry Farm WA really is the perfect wedding venue. It is not hard to see why Quarry Farm WA is an award-winning wedding venue in Western Australia. Quarry Farm WA is located just south of Perth on the South Western Highway. It was the perfect wedding venue for Bride Chloe and Groom Greg.

I might squeal with delight every time a couple choose me as their wedding photographer for their Perth Wedding. Even more so when the couple tell me the Wedding Venue they have chosen is Quarry Farm WA.

It wasn’t by accident that beautiful Bride Chloe stumbled across my work and what I do. Chloe had been recommended to me by past clients. So much love for all my past clients! The best form of appreciation is not winning awards, its not industry recognition, it is you my beautiful clients referring “what I do” to your nearest and dearest. It means I even get to see you again as bridesmaids or guests. Hugest thanks to Jana and Brooke (two lovely sisters) for referring Chloe to me.

For Bride Chloe it was important for all the key moments to be captured on her wedding day. Moments of her groom’s preparations, her preparations, the all-important wedding ceremony, family and bridal photographs and all the key elements of this beautiful couple’s wedding reception. An 8-hour wedding Photography package is perfect to capture all the memories from the moments on your wedding day.

The Lead Up

Sometimes my couples ask for referrals to celebrants. My first question I ask them is to describe their perfect celebrant.

Chloe described Chris Temov to a tee to me. Warm, funny, a gentleman, someone supportive who could bring calmness. I was thrilled to hear that Chloe had secured Chris Temov, and he was everything she was looking for.

Your wedding celebrant is the most important part of your day. Without them there would be no marriage. It is so important to find your fit. When your find your celebrant you will know, just as Chloe knew from the moment she contacted Chris. 😊

Great celebrants will also offer wedding rehearsals, YES, they know what they are doing, BUT they know you might not! They will offer a rehearsal as part of a package. If you feel this will ease those pre wedding day nerves opt for the wedding rehearsal. Chris is one of the Wedding Celebrants in Perth who offers this service to his couples.

Prewedding meetings are also a great way for me to get to know you both a bit more. The prewedding meeting was the first time I meet groom Greg. I then saw them both again out at their wedding rehearsal at Quarry Farm. The time spent with you both before the day means come the wedding day you know me that little bit more and are comfortable to chill, relax and let your personalities show.

Wedding Photography for Grooms Greg’s Preparations

I was welcomed by Greg, his mother and their gorgeous big furbaby. The lads were busy dressing, and all was calm and chilled.

The weather was perfect, later in the day the forecast had rain coming.

Greg is familiar with farm life.

He has bees on his family’s property and makes honey. With the help of his mum Honey Jars were the Wedding Guests Gift at their reception.

I set about capturing moments of Greg’s family helping him get ready for his wedding day. Memories in the making. I also captured a few more formal wedding photographs before setting of to Bride Chloe. 

Wedding Photography for Bride Chloe’s Preparations

Bride Chloe opted to have her wedding preparations at beautiful Braybrook B&B in Keysbrook. This beautiful accommodation is located about 15 mins south of Quarry Farm WA. It is picture perfect for your wedding photography too. It has stunning backdrops for your bridal preparations.

Arriving to Bride Chloe the weather was a little grey and the clouds were rolling in. The views across the Darling Scarpe were magnificent.

Bride Chloe and her tribe were super chilled too.

Standing before me was this Queen with fair complexion, a natural beautiful woman. In her bridal PJs Chloe looked like someone from a movie. Chloe’s makeup was light and splendid. Her look was soft and elegant, timeless and ooohhhhh so devine!

Chloe knew exactly how she wanted to look on her wedding day. She had a clear vision of her perfect day. Seeing and being the one to photograph her day was an amazing honour.

From her dress she designed, to The Amazing florals from Edie and Ivy Florals, The bridesmaids stunning dresses, her headpiece, her page boy and flower girl. Every detail was breathtaking.

Keep your eyes open in the photographs for the chooks.

The Wedding Ceremony – Quarry Farm WA – The Shearing Shed

Quarry Farm WA has the perfect shearing shed for your wedding ceremony.

The shearing shed allows your guests to be protected from the sunlight or from rain.

Quarry Farm WA’s shearing shed can be decorated in many ways.

Chloe and Greg opted for a round arbour with the most stunning foliage and florals, candles, and the natural beauty of the shed.

How beautiful is that arbour. Rebecca from Edie and Ivy Flowers always ups the bar. Every piece of her work is breathtaking. She has the eye for that something special and every single detail.

Bride Chloe arrives in a Limovan. Perfect to stand in and exit from. The Limovan is also perfect to transport your tribe around Quarry Farm WA for bridal party photos.

With a petal tossing flower girl lining the aisle with petals and a little ring bearer carrying the rings, the guests are wooed with cuteness.

The moment Greg has been waiting for is now here, his stunning bride walking towards him on her mother’s arm. Special mention to Chloe’s dad who lives interstate, and we all know what COVID is doing over there, meant boarder restrictions had him watching from a live stream.

Those walk down the aisle emotions soon settle as Chloe is holding her Greg’s hand and Celebrant Chris is right there alongside Chloe as she wished for, to bring calmness. I must mention Chris’s voice, it really is amazing!

The lighting in the shearing shed is perfect for wedding photography and add that arbour behind these lovers I was in wedding ceremony photography heaven.

Two perfect lovers so comfortable holding hands.

With Vows and rings exchanged it was first kiss time and those smiles afterwards say it all. That is love and happiness.

Chris makes signing the marriage certificate and legal’s effortless. I can’t harp on enough about his presence and aura.

With the signing done it was time to present the newlyweds to everyone and Mr and Mrs Blasiak made the walk up the aisle with utter joy and happiness. Their faces! Can you feel that happiness.

Family Photographs at Quarry Farm WA

So far mother nature had been terribly kind. The rain had held off.

As a Perth wedding photographer, it is my “job” to deliver the perfect set of wedding photographs regardless of rain, hail, shine or heat wave. What ever the weather does I am in it with you. We make plans before the day.

The overcast weather meant the Scarpe, and Quarry Farm WA’s Dam and Gazebo made the perfect backdrop for family photographs. When it comes time for your family formals couples provide me with a list of must haves and we work through it together.

With Family Formals photographed, Chloe and Greg had some time to chill while I photographed these lovers incredible wedding reception details. I was in awe of the overhead floral hanging Ladder by Edie and Ivy Florals. Rebecca’s work is truly amazing.

As we headed off for the bridal party photographs around Quarry Farm, I could see the weather rolling in.

Bridal Party Photographs at Quarry Farm WA

I’m always thinking about your wedding photography process and it’s much easier to keep two people dryish, so we started with some stunning bridal party photography and just like that the rain came in and off they all ran to the limovan.

Quarry Farm’s sheds means we can shelter and wait for periods of less rain and breaks in the rain. The shed also makes for dramatic wedding photography.

Chloe and Greg really have adventurous spirits. Ill tell you about that one time they walked 8kms to a bird aviary to find no birds. Knowing this I knew they would be up for anything for their wedding photography.

Rain images. We all love them. It doesn’t mean its pelting rain. It can be a light drizzle you can barely feel and wallah, beautiful rain images on your wedding day. How amazing are the images of these lovers? It is a huge credit to them, for working with me. For sheltering under huge trees, for standing in the drizzle, for walking in the wet grasses and for all your efforts, YES, I will lay in the mud for you! 

I love what I do as a wedding photographer here in Perth, even more so when mother nature pushes me think quick, shoot quick and capture beautiful people in beautiful scenes. 

Quarry Farm WA – Wedding Reception

It was time to get the celebrations started.

DJ Poz had the honours of welcoming the guests and introducing our bridal party.

The homestead looked amazing,  the atmosphere was wonderful.

Our newlyweds enjoyed a buffet and dessert and then it was time for speeches.

A surprise call by Chloe’s dad had our beautiful bride overwhelmed with emotion. The beauty about technology see loved ones being able to play a part in your day even when COVID has kept them away. It will never make up for it, but it is something. We all look forward to the day where COVID stops affecting our lives in the meantime we need to keep on keeping on xx

It was time for our bride and groom to cut their wedding cake made by their cousin Deanna. How pretty is the wedding cake?

After a quick minute in DJ Poz’s booth these lovers hit the dance floor and the dancing is underway.

Final Thoughts

Hugest Congratulations Chloe and Greg. I can’t thank you both enough for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Watching you become husband and wife through my lens was a great honour.

Thank you for braving the weather for your wedding photography, and braving it with me.

You are both loving and caring souls.

Thank you so much for that hugest jar of honey. It is devine!

May you both continue to look at each other, love each other, laugh with each other, and go on adventures together throughout your life just as you did on your wedding day.

Love your  Perth Wedding Photographer – Simone xx

Brides Dress – Designed By the Bride
Suits – YD and tarocash
Makeup – Renata Jovev Makeup Artistry
Celebrant – Chris Temov
Venue – Quarry Farm
Cake – Deanna Ham (cousin)
Grooms Ring – Mitchell Parry jewellery
Bridesmaid Dresses – White fox
Hair – Ahead of Style Hair Artistry
Flowers – Edie & Ivy Flowers
Cars – Mercedes Van by Limovan
DJ/MC – DJ Poz
Brides Rings – Angus & Coote

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