10 Questions to ask before you book a Wedding Photographer

Questions to ask your wedding photographer.

By now you must have so many questions about wedding photography. You may be a little shy to reach out and ask.

Remember asking questions equals gaining knowledge. You can’t learn if you don’t ask questions. We will answer anything. Well, anything  related to wedding photography, we don’t know anything about lodging paperwork for the legals for your wedding. We do know great wedding celebrants!

Here’s just a sample of what you could ask your wedding photographer.

Are you available on our wedding Date? YES! So important why would you want to get to the end of the booking process and find out they are booked/unavailable. Chances are we have asked your wedding date already. 

What exactly do we get if we book with you? You need to know up front what you get. Do you get 100 images. Do you get 1000? Are they edited? Are they high res to print big sizes or will you have to purchase high res files later ( this can be costly) How are the images delivered? Do you get a generic USB? do you get a custom USB? Is their an online gallery? are Wedding albums something you offer? How long do wedding photographers stay on the day? Do we get more than one wedding photographer on the day? This is all pretty important information.

Do you drink on the job? Random I know! and you may be fine with alcohol consumption by vendors at your wedding. Do you really want blurry wedding images or a vendor not on their best game? 

How much experience do you have at capturing weddings? Wedding memories might be one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. You may want someone with many weddings in their portfolio. A true professional.

Are you the photographer we get on our wedding day? Seems simple? Wrong! Some companies subcontract out to other photographers and have huge teams working for them. You won’t know who you are getting until they show up at your wedding. If you don’t like them or gel with them – you are kind of stuck with them for all those hours. 

How do you keep our photos safe before we get them? Data safety is of utmost importance to professional wedding photographers. It should be to you also.

What happens if you get sick before our wedding day? Lets face it. Accidents happen. People sometimes get sick. Knowing what happens should this happen to your photographer and how it will affect your wedding is pretty important too. 

How many of you will there be on the day? Some photographers have teams and assistants and second shooters. 

What kind of equipment do you use? And more importantly, Do you have Back up equipment? Imagine the photographer who arrives at a wedding with one camera, one battery and one lens and something breaks. 

How do we lock you in for our date? Is there a contract? Is there a booking fee that needs to be paid? When is the final amount due? 

There are so many things to ask a wedding photographer. Most wedding photographers will tell you all of this at an obligation free meeting.

Why not contact us right now and arrange a meeting?

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