What you need to know about us

What do you really get when you book me as your wedding photographer? We are not just talking wedding pictures here either.

You found me somewhere on the internet. Maybe via referral. Somewhere along the line you reached out and contacted me about wedding photography. What you do you need to know about us? Why we aren’t just a “wedding photographer”.

Now what?

I send you a bunch of information and a brochure and if you like my packages enough you might just reach out to find out more?

I’m here to tell you about the couples that went all the way with me. As their wedding photographer! Hinting at what they got other than great wedding photography.

The Real Deal 

Want some alone time?

Somewhere during the crazy love and chaos of a wedding day I see an opportunity for couples to spend alone time together. I may make a suggestion that these newlyweds sneak off together.  I watch their eyes light up and hear squeals of delight. Can we really do that? Are you sure? 

Like hello it’s your day! Do you want to? If so, you should totally do it!  

How do I know it was worth it? When they hug me after the wedding and tell me it’s the one thing they vividly remember about their wedding day. 10 minutes, alone. Without anyone.  

My heart melts knowing in 20 years time, on their anniversary, they will remember 10 minutes together without picking up a single photo!

We aren’t just about capturing memories – we are about creating them. Sometimes the best memories are the times you were so physically present in the moment.

We can also be the bad cop for you! 

Yes we don’t mind, we work for you! 

Sometimes you know what you want captured, we know too because we got to know you so well before the wedding day. 

You gave us a list of family photos. 

And we’ve captured the ones  you want. 

All of a sudden people start pulling you left right and centre, we know you love them but you want to wait until the reception to get all the casual candid’s – you can count on us to whisk you away if your heart desires. 

Lets talk about unplanned things that crop up. 

I could tell you about the one bride who stepped in duck poop! 

Yes cold wet duck poop seeping right through her open bridal shoes. 

There was no bridesmaid in sight to clean my brides foot. She did call, and call, and call but no one came. 

Hello! I’m right here! Your unofficial bridesmaid! I’ll wipe that duck poop off your foot. And just like that my bride was happy and duck poop free.

We have been on the phones to Parks and Gardens when sprinklers have come on to get them turned off before you walk down the aisle. 

Scissors! We have handed you scissors to cut off bits of thread, to cut things off belts and everything else.

Have you thought about the wet ends to your floral’s? We have! Chances are we have dried  the ends of your flowers so they aren’t wet when they touch your dress before you hold them. 

We’ve helped our brides when bridesmaids have had meltdowns. We know how to remove you from stressful times if they pop up. It’s rare. Yet we are prepared!

With Weddings comes tears. Sometimes happy tears and sometimes emotional tears. We have held you in our arms when you’ve cried because its got a bit much on the day when you remember your loved ones who have passed away. 

Laughter! We have laughed with you at the groomsmen wearing g-stings under their kilts and still managed to snap a few “cheeky” shots for you. 

What exactly do we do on your wedding day? Whatever it takes!


I can tell you about the countless couples who have sat on my lounge and said “we aren’t photo people”. “So hate having our photo taken”. “We are really going to need some guidance, we are so awkward in front of a camera”. To have them hug me and say “wow is that really us!” 

It sure is! All I need is you to be comfortable with each other, the rest will follow!

Whether its laying in the dirtduck poopkangaroo poop, the prickly bushes we will do whatever it takes to give you great wedding photos. What is just as important to us on your wedding day, is the both of you having the best day ever and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

We shadow you all day. Sometimes near and sometimes from a far. We will always be your wedding photographer on the day but if you need us to be more it is so very okay!

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