Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips.

Timesaver tips to help you prepare for your wedding day photography if you have chosen to have your wedding preparations captured.

Tips For the Groom

On our arrival at the Groom preparation’s

  • Jackets, ties, shoes, quirky socks, rings, buttonholes, the grooms aftershave and anything of sentimental value can all be grouped together in a room somewhere ready for us to capture. If the bride has sent her groom a personal gift, place this with everything too. (One of our brides asked her groom to open his gift when we arrived, it made for great memories)
  • It’s best if the gents can all be dressed in pants and their shirts before our arrival.
  • Get suited up – Groom and Groomsmen dressing
  • We look for the best light and have our gents all just casually help each other dress. It’s all causal and as it happens moments we capture. Once everyone is dressed we capture our Groom and his Groomsmen together, Our groom with his parents if they are present and any signifiant other. 
  • Normally form here we leave our groom and head to our bride.

Tips For the Bride

On our Arrival at the  Bridal preparations

  • Before your photographer arrives ensure your hair and makeup is completed
  • Be dressed in robes/preparation clothes
  • These make cute Champagne/celebration/pre wedding dress moments.
  • Organise your dress, jewellery, rings, flowers, shoes, perfume, even an invitation, anything sentimental, any gift you may have received to be together for us to capture.
  • You may like to include all of the little things and personal touches you have for your bridesmaids to be together to. This allows us to work quickly to capture all of the details. We love a bride and her maids who have hung the dresses altogether for our arrival. It saves so much time gathering everything.
  • The bridesmaids can dress as soon as we have captured the dresses.
  • We normally work with our bride whilst her ladies dress.  At this time we photograph our bride with her dress. Once the bridesmaids are dressed,  the bride to slip’s into her dress. These are all casual as it happens moments. We may prompt you during this and  have you dress in the best light in the room. 
  • Once our bride is dressed we capture a few moments with bridesmaids, parents of the bride or any significant other present at the bridal preparations.


Should your hair and makeup runs late, this whole schedule is disrupted. Sometimes we are needing to leave for the ceremony before our brides have even slipped into their wedding dresses. 

If these moments are important to you to be captured – timing is the key!

After the preparations we capture everything as it happens.

General tips and handy hints

  • have makeup, hairspray and perfume handy for touch ups
  • have tissues handy too – or a lovely handkerchief – the bride or groom may need one during the vows. You just never know when tears will flow!
  • Remember to pack some refreshments for your photo session if your venue doesn’t offer this service or you are out and about on location. Photography is hard thirsty work and sometimes you’ve missed lunch and start to get hungry.
  • Water. Pack water! Its thirsty work. 
  • Safety pins! pack some sturdy ones! Many Dresses have been saved by safety pins. If you are handy with needle and thread pack that too.

The best tip I can give you is – Don’t sweat the small stuff! Enjoy the day and what will be will be.

The best thing you can wear on your wedding day 

  •  biggest smiles ever! 

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