Romantic Quarry Farm Wedding

Romantic Quarry Farm Wedding - 23rd March 2019

Kate & Sam

What a romantic Quarry Farm Wedding!

Leading up to this romantic Quarry Farm Wedding Day

These days brides and grooms are searching for  natural, candid wedding photography to document their day with a twist of creativeness.

I recall bubbly bride Kate and her tower of strength groom Sam meeting me in my studio for the first time. The happiness and energy these young lovers emit is beautiful. The love they have for each other was as clear on that day as it was on their wedding day. We had no idea we were about to capture one of the most emotional and at one time hilarious wedding ceremonies we have ever photographed. 

A tribute to these two living in the moment and being totally authentic awesome human beings. We are all about Authentic with no fake BS here. And Kate we may just love you with all our heart, for your 100% Authentic, say it how it is, ceremony. 


The Wedding Day

The Grooms Preparations

Our first stop was groom Sam’s preparations.

We may have squealed with delight to see our groom and his groomsmen in sharp grey suits with velvety wine/burgandy bow ties (you know that awesome colour that we love for autumn weddings, just check the photos out!)  It was also our first wedding working with Urban & Wild Co, our eyes were in heaven with our grooms floral button holes. We could not wait to see bride Kate’s blooms. 

Standing next to Sam on his wedding day was his two best mates and his brother. These 4 gentleman did not stop smiling the whole time we were with them during preparations. We love this kind of energy and happiness. 

Not all preparations run smoothly! It’s little things that make it funny and memorable. Like groom Sam trying to put his cuff links in and realising one sleeve had two holes but the other sleeve had one. In came Sam’s mum to overcome the slight shirt hiccup. Mums are awesome!

With our groom dressed and memories with our grooms closest loved ones captured it was time to head to Kate.


The Bride Preparations

Bride Kate chose beautiful Yarrabah Holiday Retreat located just 5 minutes from Quarry Farm on the South West Highway. This location is just as peaceful as Quarry Farm and perfect for a bride and her tribe to spend the night before glaming for a wedding.

We arrived to find Kate smiling and in the chair having her hair styled.

Kate was surrounded by her two beautiful sisters and her beautiful mum and dad.

Lindsay from Starlet Concepts was working her magic in the Glam department. 

Kate’s wedding dress from Confetti Occasions hung beautifully in the background for her preparations.

We set about documenting all the little things and the super sentimental things like a crystal jewellery box handed down through the generations. 

It was happiness and laughter all around with a little bit of nervousness. In one moment I reassured Kate all was okay, unaware Mother of the bride, Cathy,  was watching me. Afterwards  Cathy approached me and thanked me and commented she could see why Kate had chosen me as her wedding photographer as I could calm her when her family couldn’t. 

Two little flower girls arrived, Kate went off to step into the dress a few more moments were photographed and it was time for me to head  to  Quarry Farm for the ceremony. 



The Wedding Ceremony Location

Kate and Sam chose the Shearing Shed at Quarry Farm. 

The Shearing Shed looked amazing. Beautiful white drapery flowed from the high rooftops. An Elegant green leafy masterpiece graced the back wall of the shed. 

The Groom and the guests were all beaming with happiness listening to beautiful music from Dolce Ensembles.

We met Josh Henderson from Marry Me Josh and instantly knew why Kate and Sam chose Josh for the most important job of the day. Josh is happy, relaxed and professional. He is warm, personable and calming. What a ceremony he was about to deliver. 

Bride Kate was fashionably late, but not so late to make her groom nervous. 

The Wedding Ceremony

With all eyes on Kate for her walk down the aisle with dad Jim, no one expected what was about to happen next.

Kate was overcome with emotion. 

Our beautiful bride sought a moment hidden behind her Bouquet, Mum Cathy wiped a tear from her own eyes then stepped in to  wipe the happy tears from her daughter eyes whilst Jim held his daughters arm and whispered a few words.

And just like that Kate cracked a joke.

Continued her walk towards her groom.

Blurted out an almighty hilarious F Bomb.

The guests erupted in laughter. Celebrant Josh was captured in a fit of laughter.

I was laughing while remembering to keep photographing this absolutely 100% authentically Kate and Sam moment.

Awe Kate, these real and  raw moments are the reason I love weddings and Photography. 

On with the ceremony it was.

Just look at the photographs.

I am sure you will all see how amazing this ceremony was in the wedding photographs.


Wedding Photography 

We captured natural, candid photographic moments of loved ones kissing and congratulating the newlyweds as well as all the sentimental family photographs.

It was time to head off for a quick bridal party session around Quarry Farm.

The huge iconic tree and Quarry Farm’s Jacaranda Lane Way are always where my couples want to document their wedding day.

We ended up in a field for sunset. 

It was now time to eat, drink, dance and be merry.

The Wedding Reception

Couples always ask me how long into the reception do people normally have their wedding photographer cover. My answer is always, everyone is different. You cover what is important to you. 

Kate and Sam opted for the wedding photography and DJ/MC package I offer with Groovy Entertainment with some extra time added to cover more of their reception. 

Every moment of importance to these young newlyweds was documented. 

Their happy entrance.

The cake cut ( look out for Bride Kate and Groom Sam feeding each other wedding cake ).

The sentimental, loving and fun speeches.

To the romantic and happy first dance on Quarry Farm’s terrace under the romantic festoons. 

Hugest congratulations again Kate and Sam.

Thanks so much for the honour of documenting your romantic Quarry Farm wedding day and being 100% authentically you and  in the moments of your wedding day. 


Love always – your wedding photographer   xxx

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