Rose and Crown Guildford Wedding

Rose & Crown Wedding - 30th March 2019

Serene & Ben

Beautiful Bride Serene (with the perfect name to suit her) and her groom Ben chose a Rose and Crown Guildford Wedding on March 30th 2019.

Leading up to the wedding day 

Most, can I say that? Maybe not.

All of my clients who sit on my couch or meet me at expos tell me we hate having our photo taken and want  natural, candid wedding photography.

Serene and Ben were no different.

Most people struggle at the thought of being in front of a camera on their wedding day. As a photographer with over 25 years experience behind me, all I need is for you to be totally comfortable with each other and trust me to capture the love and happiness that is your relationship. Serene and Ben Opted for an engagement session to help ease the daunting thought of cameras present at their wedding. Check out the amazingness of that session right here. 

They nailed their engagement session and captured their love and family! Yes, furbabies were present and you know my 3 favourite things in life are weddings, dogs and photography. 

The Wedding Day

We were thrilled to head back to the Rose and Crown in Guildford, Perth WA  to photograph this beautiful couples wedding. We love a beer garden ceremony and a White Barn wedding reception. 

Serene and Ben’s entire wedding day would unfold on the grounds of this iconic historic hotel.

The Grooms Preparations

We arrived to find Groom Ben just finishing lunch with his boys. I think that’s what they told me and may have enjoyed a drink or two. 

If you look through the gallery you will see the aftermarth of these lads day out, paintballing. OUCH!  Then something else out of the ordinary happened. Ben appeared with a drill. To drill holes in everyone’s belts. It’s these unconventional and out of the blue moments I love. It adds your personality to your wedding day.

Add Ben’s lesson with his lads on “How to Tie a Tie” and we captured a great set of memories of our Grooms preparations. 

It was time to head off to find Serene and her sisters. 

The Brides Preparations

We were greeted by the most “Serene” bride ever. Her gorgeous wavy perfect hair and stunning blue eyes stopped us in our tracks. I’ve come to realise why I love this moment so much. I don’t have daughters. 

The atmosphere was surreal, peaceful and calm. Exactly what we pictured. 

The dark moody romantic room of the Rose and Crown allowed us to get creative and capture some magic for Serene. As well as our bright colourful style, we can also capture dark and moody images in the right environment. 

The Wedding Ceremony Location

The little cute romantic gazebo in the Beer Garden of the Rose and Crown is where Serene and Ben would “Say I Do” in front of family and friends and loved ones.

Ceremonies are personal and every couple opts for something different. In Ben and Serene style it was beautiful and sweet. 

Walking back up the aisle arm in arm, family and friends showered these lovers in a dried rose petal toss. Yes! We love photographing a happy exit.

Wedding Photography 

We stayed on location for the bridal party photography. The Rose and Crown has an underground cellar and if its not in use you can head down for a set of dark and moody images. 

Add the history of the outside of the building and the streetscape and we were able to capture a set of images that truly reflects our couples wedding day.


The Wedding Reception.

The White Barn makes for a romantic vibe for your wedding ceremony. Its clean lines and fairy lights add a bit of twinkle and romance to your wedding reception. 

We captured Serene and Ben’s entrance, speeches and stuck around for the first dance before kissing them goodnight and letting them enjoy the celebrations of their wedding day.

Hugest congratulation’s once again Serene and Ben! 

We loved spending time with you on your wedding day.

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