Timeless Quarry Farm Wedding

Timeless Quarry Farm Wedding - 3rd May 2019

Kashia & Mick

It was a timeless Quarry Farm wedding for Kashia and Mick.

These two country lovers met at work. Their jobs are pretty awesome and unique, just perfect for their easy going friendly personalities. They both drive trains together in a country town south of Perth, Western Australia.

I will never forget the day they made the 2 or so hour journey to my studio to talk about wedding photography and their hopes and dreams for their wedding day.

Two of the bubbliest, friendliest people! I think you will agree it shows in their wedding photography. You can see the love they have for each other and their loved ones. Their ability to walk out of my Studio and feel like I had known them forever allowed them to be comfortable with me on their wedding day. This means I capture your real personalities and I love it!

In that meeting we chatted about 4WDriving, 4WDRIVES (Kashia’s beast, which makes an appearance in the wedding photographs) Camping, Europe Holidays, family and life. Two beautiful friends walked out of my studio and I was excited it was me they chose to capture their wedding day.

The Wedding Day
The Brides Preparations

Kashia chose the Heritage Country Motel Armadale for her wedding day preparations with her Bridesmaids and loved ones.

Driving towards the hills the atmosphere was smoky from bush fires. It was a warm still day. I was hoping the smoke haze would hang about until sunset. This could produce unique sunset images. Yes, these are the things a professional wedding photographer thinks about when heading to your weddings.

I met the bridal party the day before at Quarry Farm for Kashia and Mick’s wedding ceremony rehearsal with Celebrant Maggie Panaia. The whole crew were as chilled, happy and as friendly as Mick and Kashia. The bridesmaids made me feel like we had known each other for years.

I also saw a familiar face from a wedding a week before, makeup artist Tiffany Jane Artistry. We hugged, had a laugh and it was awesome! I love seeing professional wedding vendors at weddings. Sometimes when I arrive your hair and makeup artists have left after working their magic.

We set about capturing some beautiful memories for Kashia. We captured phone calls, laughter, happy bridesmaids, A hugging brother and my most memorable moment between a father and daughter. Look at the images. There are no words needed to describe the love between these two. Thank you for allowing me to capture such a raw emotional moment of love and pride xx

The Wedding Ceremony

Arriving at this timeless Quarry Farm wedding the smoky haze gave an element of uniqueness to Kashia and Mick’s wedding photography.

This bride and groom chose the shearing shed for their wedding ceremony. It looked as beautiful as ever with the white fabric drapes hanging from the rustic ceiling ladders. The wooden benches, tree stumps and rustic florals set the scene for a perfect ceremony with a twist, delivered perfectly by Maggie Panaia.

Kashia arrived in style. Her wedding day transport was vintage, timeless and unique. Kashia was seated on the back seat surrounded by her two bridesmaids with a beaming smile. She was about to marry her best friend and love. Mick’s face as he sees his bride says it all.

The ceremony was full of laughter, Mick’s trait, of hands in his pocket, a gorgeous hand fasting ceremony including the couples parents, a perfect first kiss and look out for that head touching moment, we captured it all. How happy are these lovers!

The walk up the aisle was spectacular. Well, Kashia danced up the aisle in true happy Kashia style. The atmosphere was blissful!

Wedding Photography at Quarry Farm

Bring your personality to your wedding photography. For me the purpose of wedding photography is to capture your real personalities on your wedding day. Your love, your happiness, all unfiltered.

I love Mick’s Hat and Sunglasses. It’s typically Mick. Look out for them in the wedding day photography.

We started in Quarry Farms iconic Jacaranda laneway with the stunning Vintage car. Did we have some fun. At one stage I motioned to Kashia and Mick to do something, which resulted in them doing something completely different, which resulted in the bridal party in hysterical laughter. Look for the images. I Love it! I’m laughing right now remembering that moment Kashia and Mick.

We captured love and romance by the big tree. Bride tribe antics in the fields and some typical Mick and his lads memories by the shed.

We did not stop laughing the whole time. Notice I am writing a lot about happiness and laughter. It really was the tone for the day.

We headed up the hill in Kashia’s Nissan Patrol to find the sunset.

How romantic are these two. Photographing them was a dream. Look out for Kashia’s 4WD, we had to include it in her wedding day photography. It’s uniquely Kashia.

Time to party – The Wedding Reception

Gavin from Groovy Entertainment announced the bridal party. They all entered with beaming smiles and happiness.

Kashia and Mick headed straight over to cut that stunning croquembouche. The cake topper was spot on for these lovers personalities. Check it out in the photos.

We captured the speeches, the laughter and the moment a special traditional song was sung to the bride and groom.

Then there came the time for Kashia to surprise Mick.

What had Kashia organised?

Fireworks! Yes Mick was certainly surprised, along with the guests.

Next came the Grooms speech, the first dance and celebrations. I captured love and happiness and some amazing moments during the wedding celebration games to give away the garter and the bouquet.

It was here I kissed these newlyweds goodnight and left them to celebrate their love and marriage.

Hugest congratulations again Kashia and Mick! What an honour it was to be present to capture your love and marriage. The thought of you both fills my heart with happiness.

Hugest hugs

love ~ your wedding Photographer

PS. I Often get asked by couples can we have a second shooter? Yes I can offer that to couples. What if I told you this wedding was shot Solo! With over 20 years under my belt as a wedding photographer, 3 camera bodies often strapped to me during your wedding day, I feel confident in capturing all the key moments on your wedding day. Unobtrusively, colourful, vibrantly and unfiltered.

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