Wedding Photographer Perth

Wedding Photographer Perth

Jenna and Matts Wedding Day

Wedding Photographer Perth would have to be the one of the most sought-after search terms for couples wedding planning.

Perth is full of amazing wedding photographers.

Bride Jenna managed  to reach out to me to talk about her wedding day dreams. A  chilled relaxed day on her family property in Perth.

Jenna had one request unposed natural candid photography.

As a bride it was important for her to feel she wasn’t being photographed. Jenna also requested less time on the photography side and more time enjoying the company of guests and listening to musical goddess voice that is Brooke Bugeja.

Wedding photography means something different to everyone. Even to us as wedding photographers we all have different photography styles.

I love an element of beautiful couple portraits where I find the light, set the scene at your wedding venue and have you do your thing.

For me it’s also about faces, capturing the faces at your wedding. The faces that mean so much to you and will mean even more to you as time goes on.

Lead up to the Wedding Day

I met Jenna and her parents at this amazing property. Testament to Jenna’s mum and dad’s hard work to get their glorious gardens in perfect form for their daughter and future son in law’s wedding day.

Jenna showed me her favourite spots, described her vision for her wedding day and wedding photography.

My camera gear means I can photograph your wedding from a distance. I don’t need to be front and centre stage to be able capture all your emotions.

This means you are able to be yourself, relax and not be aware of multiple cameras pointed at you. By the time you add a couple of photography cameras and a couple of videographers cameras pointed in your direction, it can be overwhelming. For this reason, I choose to stand back.

Being able to see the property Jenna was marrying her Matt on (at this stage I had not met Matt and he was a man of Mystery until the wedding day)  enabled me to get a feel for how to best capture Jenna and Matt’s wedding day to deliver a set of photographs Jenna and Matt would love. 

The wedding day.

At the stunning home property for Jenna and Matts wedding, guests were arriving, and Celebrant Robyn Patterson was getting ready to deliver a perfect wedding ceremony.

Just look at the photographs captured to see how much personality Robyn adds to her ceremonies. Jenna and Matt’s story made for many wonderful candid moments.

Like the moment the lads entered the ceremony, just as the Chicago Bulls would enter for a game.

The moment Matt’s Nonno brings the rings to the stage and mentions something about Olives. If you have an Italian background you will understand how Olives are always on a Nonno’s mind.

And lets not forget the moment Matt surprises Jenna during the ceremony with the grand entry of two of her littlest furbabies.

Then their was the walk up the aisle as MR and MRS just as the clouds decided to bless these lovers with a shower of rain. 

Post Ceremony

After Robyn’s ceremony Bride Jenna and Groom Matt did their wedding their way.

From Jenna dancing to her fav musician to furbaby photos, a kissing booth, a few photos here and there and they ended with some epic dance moves.

Casual. Chilled and everything they had dreamed.

Hugest congratulations Jenna and Matt.

It was so wonderful to photograph to beautiful souls immersed in the emotion and moments of their wedding.

If you, like Jenna are looking for a go with the flow, natural candid Wedding photographer in Perth, I may just be the one. 

Known Vendors
Craig Sturgess – MC
Darren Conroy DJ – Dj Daz
Makeup – Emma Kayder Artistry
Brooke Bugeja – singer BBmusic
Brides Hair – Elli Mac Salon – Camille O’Dorisio
Flowers – Natalie Woods

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