Yoothamurra Homestead Wedding

Yoothamurra Homestead Wedding - 18th September 2020

Demi & Daniel

It was excitement plus when I first met Demi and Daniel and heard all about their wedding plans for a Yoothamurra Homestead Wedding.

Yoothamurra Homestead had just popped up as a new wedding venue and a stunning one for lovers planning an outdoor, rusitc, yet unique wedding.

Demi and Daniel’s wedding was just that.

These young lovers are mad car enthusiasts and were planning on making their much loved VK Holden Commodores a feature of their wedding day, reflecting their mutual passion. A love of cars and eachother. When Demi filled my Vendor form out – the part where I ask about  cars, her response was exactly this “Our VKs ” YES lovey eyes and all!

Weddings should reflect a couple and Demi and Daniel’s did exactly that. 

Lead up to Demi & Daniels Yoothamurra Homestead Wedding

I wish I could say that these young lovers original wedding date, of May 15th 2020, went off without a hitch, Alas, queue Covid-19. So many of my couples were affected by the dreaded #rona including Demi and Dan.

Demi and Daniel took it all in their stride and  with Yoothamurra Homestead available for this young couples new date they began replanning for 18th September 2020.

Demi tells me all of her wedding vendors were fantastic with the date change and ever so supportive. To see the list of vendors be sure to get to the bottom of the Blog 

Now to wait until September, wondering if #rona would stay away, and it did! 

Wedding Rehearsal at Yoothamurra Homestead

On the lead up to your weddings we do catch up to run over your wedding day plans and if possible we head out to your wedding ceremony rehearsals.

Demi and Daniel came into my studio and we chatted  about the important events of their wedding day, including those VK’s.

It’s always lovely to also meet a couple and their tribe and family out at their wedding ceremony rehearsal.

The night before the wedding we headed out to Yoothamurra Homestead in Oakford to say hello to Demi and Daniel, their tribe and Celebrant Marissa from Marry Me Marissa.

Wedding venue Yoothamurra Homestead is amazing! The homestead is huge allowing the bridal party to spend the night, and the grounds and surrounds, just spectacular. Being so close to Perth, it truely does seem like you are a million miles away in a little piece of tranquil paradise, yet guests dont have far to travel at all. 

The Wedding Day at Yoothamurra Homestead

Spring was in the air and the weather was perfection.

I arrived to find Jimmy from Anytime DJ’s setting up in the stunning clear Marquee and Blooming Besties adding finishing touches to some beautiful creations. 

Bridal Preparations

We captured some of the finer wedding details outside before heading into capture the bridal preparations.

Inside the stunning homestead, Lindsay, from Starlet Concepts, was busy with her perfect makeup skills. This bride and her tribe looked amazing!

With Champagne sipped in front of super cute balloons spelling out “Bride”, the ladies began to frock up.

Demi chose a beautiful colour palette of dark emerald greens with bouquets sporting burgandy, greens and soft creams.

The bridesmaids helped Demi into her beautiful Maggie Sottero gown from Bridal Selections Perth. It was all hands on deck for the veil placement and queue mother of the bride Julie for the first glimpses of her beautiful daughter and bride. Julies reaction is one we will never forget. Next to see Demi was mother of the groom, Sue. Sue’s reaction to her soon to be daughter in law was Perfection.

It was time for Demi to make the walk down the aisle at Yoothamurra Homestead. 

The Wedding Ceremony

In front of 90 guest Demi and Julie walked arm in arm.. Two of the biggest smiles I’ve seen. It was pretty evident that Julie is super proud of Demi and pretty fond of Daniel.

Celebrant Marissa had the honours of legalising this marriage in a beautiful simple, yet at one time hilarious ceremony. All of the guests were witness to what we were told was a true Daniel moment. Daniel,  we thank you for evoking that huge smile and laugh we captured from Demi we know it was intentional. Wasnt it?  hehehe

With Vows, rings and a kiss exchanged, the marriage paperwork signed, the newlyweds walked back up the aisle as husband and wife to a sea of dried petals tossed in the air.

When all of our couples loved ones are in one place we can’t go past capturing a huge group photo.

Queue the kiss and congratulations. All those moments captured of huge smiles, laughter and sentimental moments as loved ones hugged and kissed and offered Demi and Daniel words of wisdom.

We ticked off our list of must have family photos and it was time to capture some bridal party fun. 

Bridal Party Photography at Yoothamurra Homestead

Number one on the list of bridal party photos ( well actually the only thing on the list) photos with the Couples VK’s.

Time to get Demi and all of that wedding dress into her car. Look out for the moment Daniel is instucted by his wife to polish her VK’s rims. What will he use? 

And what about the moment I caught Daniel doing what? Whats that there taking pride of place Daniel? Your Jacks?  I saw, I captured. Daniel’s 3 loves, Demi, his VK and Jacks.

We headed to the Iconic tree lined street in Oakford where over the years 100’s of car enthusiasts have gathered to photograph their cars. This time we had a twist of adding a bridal party.

We were under the impression this stretch of road was quiet, we were wrong. With a few car moves and swaps we snapped a couple of pics before being told by a passing local that these Iconic trees were being removed the very next week. 

With the sun about to set and the bridal party nearly due to enter their wedding reception we snapped some more must have moments and headed into the reception area to await our bride and groom.

The Wedding Reception

Picture this – Under the Stars, on the beautiful lawns of Yoothamurra Homestead with a clear marquee, festoons, A Baravan, woodfired pizza and  Jimmy from Anytime DJ’s. The scene for Demi and Daniels wedding reception.

Jimmy had the guests pumped for the bridal party entry, queue the Bridemaids and Groomsmen. They danced and grooved their way in before being joined by Demi and Daniel who went straight into their first dance.

Keen to get all of the formalities complete the first dance was soon followed by speeches.

DJ Jimmy kept the guests entertained with a take on the shoe game, if you’ve been to a wedding in recent years you might have witnessed this game. During the game, a series of questions are asked, and the answer is either “the bride” or “the groom.” The bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the correct answer. Demi and Daniel swapped out the shoes for “his” and “hers” alcohol. We see Jacks make and appearance and Pink Gin. The questions have everyone laughing.

With more speeches from two funny Bridemaids who were in cahoots with DJ Jimmy, and a groomsman  speech it was time for our newlweds to make theirs. Speech time brings with it great natural moments, personal jokes and alot of laughter.

Our bride and groom cut their wedding cake and we bid them farewell to carry on their wedding reception celebrations.

Finally Married!

Hugest congratultions Demi and Dan. We know your life will be full of adventure with your passion for cars. We also know that nothing will stop you from reaching your goals, not even #rona

Thanks for taking me along on “your ride”.

Love – Simone, your wedding photographer from that perfect 18th day in September 2020 at beautiful Yoothamurra Homestead where you said I Do!  

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